Ngcareers Plugin

Ngcareers is Africa’s preferred career site, we publish latest jobs and career information in Nigeria and rest of Africa. This plugin allows you to display selected job listings from our site and allow your users to view the details without leaving your blog. You can select job to display from list of available specializations and locations.

How to Install and Set up the Ngcareers Job Board Plugin on Your Blog
1. On your wordpress dashboard under plugins click ‘add new’
2. Type ‘ngcareers’ on the search box and search
3. Click on ‘Install’ and activate the plugin

1. Download the attached plugin ( and save in a folder you can remember
2. On your wordpress dashboard under plugins click ‘add new’
3. click on ‘upload plugin’ and select the from the folder where you saved it
4. Install and activate the plugin

1. After successful activation of the Ngcareers plugin you can go to your ‘settings’ and click on ‘Ngcareers’
2. Holding your shift key select all the job specializations/categories you wish to show on your blog (you can select to display only job specializations that are relevant to the content of your blog)
3. Save changes
4. To add the job board to your menu so it starts appearing at the top of your go to ‘appearance’ and select ‘menu’
5. Click on ‘custom link’ and under url enter ‘’ and under Link Text enter ‘Jobs’ or any other phrase you deem suitable.
6. Then click ‘add to menu’
7. Check to see if you have the newly created ‘jobs’ in the menu list and click ‘save menu’
8. Then load the homepage of your blog to see the ‘job board’ displaying.
9. See example of a blog with the Ngcareers job board –

You can use a shortcode to display the job board on any page.
After installing or updating the plugin, create a page name it anything you want eg (‘Jobs’ or ‘latest jobs’).
Insert the following shortcode in the body field of the wordpress page: [ngcareers]
Publish the page
Check the published page to view the job board
You can add the page to your menu using the instructions in settings above

While using the shortcode option, you can disable the auto url option by going to the Ngcareers plugin settings page under Settings menu in the wordpress admin panel.

Scroll down and select “No” under “Use Auto URL” and save.

If the plugin is not showing content in your blog, go to the Ngcareers plugin settings page under Settings menu in the wordpress admin panel.
Click on ‘Get New Keys’
Paste or replace the generated keys in appropriate sections (public and private keys) and save.

If you have any problems you can reach us and we’ll gladly respond.

Click Here to Download plugin