CV Dos and Don’ts (1)

I know you have heard this information one too many times, but, I will say it again:“It takes a recruiter only 6 seconds to form an impression about your CV, make those seconds count!” Use the tips below to draft your CV. Need more help?... Read more →

60 Inspiring Quotes About Success

Success, just like any other thing starts with attitude. When things are hard, and you can’t see the light, a small burst of inspiration can make a huge difference. Sometimes the inspiration you need to achieve your dreams can be found in... Read more →

Advantages Of Psychometric Testing

Career guidance is all about providing quality, independent and an objective approach to career planning. One of the important tools used to dole out the advice is the use of psychometric tests. Psychometric tests are standardised tests used... Read more →

6 ways To Get A Job Fast

Are you searching for a job? If yes, then, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Jobvit, Seventy-one percent of workers are either actively looking or interested in finding a new position. For many, the process of finding new job can... Read more →
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