Top Featured Jobs This Week

We are starting a new weekly roundup of interesting featured jobs published each week on Ngcareers. We try to mirror several unique jobs that you cannot find elsewhere except on Ngcareers. This week here are some of the standout jobs currently... Read more →

Jobs You Might Want to Check Out This Week

This ending week saw many exciting jobs published on Ngcareers. Here we profile a few of the jobs we find interesting and hope you might want to check out. If you are actively looking for better opportunities these might be for you; Operations/Management... Read more →

8 Tips on How to Get Hired

It’s not an easy world for the job seeker. The purpose of this article is to highlight some key points to please any recruiter and maximize your chances of getting hired. A “Recruiter” refers to an individual who works to fill... Read more →

How Long Can You Wait For Success?

About two decades ago, Kunle Soriyan was filled with excitement as he got ready to sit for his degree exams and earn his Bachelor of Science honors. But there was a huge problem; he was a deadly cult boy and the university had found out. Soon... Read more →
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