60 Inspiring Quotes About Success

Success, just like any other thing starts with attitude. When things are hard, and you can’t see the light, a small burst of inspiration can make a huge difference. Sometimes the inspiration you need to achieve your dreams can be found in... Read more →

Passion Hunting? Follow These Steps

I would love to tell you a story… Long time ago, there’s not enough food to go around because of a famine. People died from starvation, families could only afford to feed the stronger family members. One night, Hansel and Gretel overheard... Read more →

10 Quotes On Failure

In life, we are unified by one common factor-failure. It affects us all, but we all view it differently. The way we react to set back sets us a path, either one of success or more failure. Below is a list of ten quotes from an assortment of... Read more →

How To Excel In Your Career

Making your way to the pinnacle of your field can take years or even decades. And hard work alone doesn’t just cut it. So what can I do to become exceptional in my field? I asked myself. After reading, researching and talking to successful... Read more →

5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

Apart from being a hard working staff with the right technical skills, who always achieves all your set out work goals, I believe there are other ways to impress your boss, and I am not talking about paying lip service, washing his car or shining... Read more →
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