How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise and Get it

Asking for more is not always easy in working environment, doing it wrong can send the wrong signal and might cost you your work. The difficulty lies in asking, knowing when to ask, how to ask and how to get the raise. Why not just walk up to... Read more →

How to Quit Your Job With Class

I once heard a story about some guys who quit their jobs only to accept an offer in a rival company. Employers in the previous company did not find this funny at all feeling a bit shortchanged having lost their employees to a bitter and up and... Read more →

How Not To Make Your Co-Workers Hate You

At work there is always some co-worker whose guts is hated by others. Here’s how not to be that person who puts her co-staff off. Don’t Be Lazy Nothing is going to turn off your more illustrous co-workers than having you unable to... Read more →
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