How To Cope With Stress in a New Job

If you are starting a new job it is important that you try to commence work in the best possible conditions and frame of mind. This includes ensuring that you are note stressed up with the demands of your new workplace and with the desire to... Read more →

5 Tips to Securing Your Career

Securing your career is about the easiest thing you could do for yourself. It’s imperative to understand that securing your job (thus potentially your career path) is not about making other people lose theirs through lobby and foul plays in... Read more →

What Kind of Smart Are You?

A good IQ is often required for success at work, but more often than not it’s other forms of intelligence that really make or break a team. This is a guest post (infograph) by Bonnie More from In summary the real indicator... Read more →

6 Tips to Cope With Losing Your Job

Editor’s note: A version of this article was previously published by Ngcareers on Bellanaija. Everyday people get sacked, retrenched or whatever name is used to show when someone no longer has a job. Many can relate to how irritating and... Read more →

8 (Hilarious?) Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss

Bosses come in a whole lot of different shades; they could be egomaniacs or totally disorganised that you sometimes wonder how they got to be the boss in the first place. There are many types of bosses (haven’t I said that before?) but... Read more →

Calling in Sick: Dos and Don’ts

Has your day ever been ruined, just because a colleague with whom you are working on an important project suddenly called in sick for some scarcely believable reasons? You’d have imagined that playing truancy is left for mischievous college... Read more →

Office Dress Code Tips for Employees

The way that people dress is really important. Within the next few lines we would like to talk about office dress code and some of the do’s and don’ts. The office-appropriate fashion seems obvious. However, there are still too many people... Read more →

5 Tips for Handling a Know-It-All Co-Worker

Being in the same team with a Mr. Know-it-all can be quite a frustrating experience. Generally, they have this sense of entitlement which often stems from their ego that when coupled with a healthy volume of choleric temperament, what you have... Read more →
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