20 Signs It’s Monday

Why do we love Fridays and hate Mondays so much? Cause on Mondays, nothing ever seems to go your way. Take a second to look of these vintage signs and I am sure you can relate with some of them. You know it’s Monday when… 1. You wake up... Read more →

5 Effective Ways To Kill Stress

Are you feeling over-worked and stressed? I am sure you are. You’ve got too much work on your plate, deadlines are ominous, people are depending on you, and to top it all off, you still have your personal life to live. You are under so much... Read more →

11 Shades Of Employees

Last week I did a post on 12 shades of bosses. I am sure some of you could relate to it. Today, I will do a follow up post, only this time I will be turning the tables- 11 shades of employees. In every work place there are good and bad employees.... Read more →

How To Cope With Stress in a New Job

If you are starting a new job it is important that you try to commence work in the best possible conditions and frame of mind. This includes ensuring that you are note stressed up with the demands of your new workplace and with the desire to... Read more →

5 Tips to Securing Your Career

Securing your career is about the easiest thing you could do for yourself. It’s imperative to understand that securing your job (thus potentially your career path) is not about making other people lose theirs through lobby and foul plays in... Read more →
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