How To Excel In Your Career

Making your way to the pinnacle of your field can take years or even decades. And hard work alone doesn’t just cut it. So what can I do to become exceptional in my field? I asked myself. After reading, researching and talking to successful... Read more →

How To Overcome Monday Blues

Thank God it’s Monday! Wait up! Before you crucify me, let me tell you that I am on your side. I know that there are not two words that make us groan more than “Monday morning”. Right? You work hard all week long, pushing yourself... Read more →

8 Ways To Build Your Business

Every day I hear of one failed business or the other and it’s quite disheartening. The fact remains that in order to be successful; you should be ready to take some risks. over the weekend, I had the opportunity of reading an amazing book... Read more →

5 Effective Ways To Kill Stress

Are you feeling over-worked and stressed? I am sure you are. You’ve got too much work on your plate, deadlines are ominous, people are depending on you, and to top it all off, you still have your personal life to live. You are under so much... Read more →

6 Tips For Effective Listening

“God gave you two ears and one mouth so you could listen twice as much as you speak.” It’s something my mum used to tell me and my siblings since before we could fully understand what it meant: now I know what it means and I’d do... Read more →

FCT to recruit 120 Health Personnels

If your career is in the health sector, this is a good news for you. According to a report on Punch Newspapers FCT, Abuja says it will recuit over 120 health personnels in the coming weeks. Read full details on below The Federal Capital Territory... Read more →

Should I List Hobbies in My Resume?

This is a very interesting question someone asked on a website I came across, “Should I list my hobbies in my resume?”. Personally, I will say no and yes. YES, if the hobbies will in anyway give you an advantage over others for that... Read more →
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