How to Identify Fake Employment Letters

If you have not come across a fake job offer letter, sooner or later you will. Sometimes it looks so real, many have fallen victims out of ignorance or frustration. Just like how employers run a background check of the interviewee with the help... Read more →

Five Social Media Strategies to Getting a New Job

Several years ago searching and looking for jobs was more of looking through newspaper ads and who you know. While the aspect of who you know has not yet changed in the job industry the coming of the internet has given job seekers more tools... Read more →

Ways to Identify and Avoid Scam Recruiters

Job Scammers are getting smarter by the day. They continually find ways to send email and SMS invitations of job interviews to unsuspecting job seekers and then later on ask the same jobseekers for all sorts of fees (application fees, processing... Read more →
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