This Is Why You Won’t Get a Job

Psychology as a discipline has ‘forced’ me to appreciate the role that illusions play in human decision making. We often see the ‘wrongfully’ real picture – it appears real but it’s not. My students and clients know that I have this... Read more →

Interesting Jobs This Week

1. Programme Director – Communications (Mass Media) The Abuja based chapter of an International NGO is hiring for an experienced Director of communications. Candidate will serve as the chief spokesperson for the organisation among other... Read more →

Tips on How to Excel in a Phone Interview

If you have ever done a phone interview you would agree it is never quite like the physical option. For one you are not seeing the interviewer and his reactions to your responses. However fundamentally excelling in a phone interview does not... Read more →

Top Five (5) Tips To Prepare For A Job Interview

Making a terrific impression is necessary in a job interview. The moment you enter the premises, the way you move and walk, the manner in which you carry yourself and answer the questions being thrown at your direction determines if you are... Read more →

8 Things to Do to Get a Job Fast After Graduation

Many graduates leave school without any hint of available job opportunity for them to step into. From the moment you are done with school and youth service your job search should be an aggressive smart undertaking. To help you become more effective... Read more →
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