Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Salary Structure

The Nigeria Police Service Commission (PSC): This is to inform the general public that Nigerian police has enacted a new Nigerian Police Force Salary Structure. Check out the unconfirmed Nigerian police force salary structure for those that... Read more →

What to Do When You Lack Inspiration

There are different names for it; call it burnout, call it a lack of passion. Whatever you name you choose, it simply means absence of inspiration, and whether you choose to admit or not, it is really having an impact on your work and your life. We... Read more →

60 Inspiring Quotes About Success

Success, just like any other thing starts with attitude. When things are hard, and you can’t see the light, a small burst of inspiration can make a huge difference. Sometimes the inspiration you need to achieve your dreams can be found in... Read more →

5 Tips to Securing Your Career

Securing your career is about the easiest thing you could do for yourself. It’s imperative to understand that securing your job (thus potentially your career path) is not about making other people lose theirs through lobby and foul plays in... Read more →

Top Reasons You May or May Not be Employable

There had been a heated debate on employability of fresh Nigeria graduates on Nairaland recently. Many HR persons on the forum stated that most fresh graduates are unemployable while the graduates defended themselves blaming the employers for... Read more →

The Best Way To Get Yourself A Job

Hi And Welcome back to another episode of Your Career And You Show. My name once again is Mayowa, your regular host of Your Career And You Show and to remind you, this show is brought to you in association with Ever wonder what... Read more →
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