This Is Why You Won’t Get a Job

Psychology as a discipline has ‘forced’ me to appreciate the role that illusions play in human decision making. We often see the ‘wrongfully’ real picture – it appears real but it’s not. My students and clients know that I have this... Read more →

Stop Working; Start Relating

Blasphemy! Heresy! If you’re thinking the same thing as I would first think about this headline (if I were to be reading it from elsewhere), you may be justified to wonder what exactly has come over the writer. People should stop working and... Read more →

What Makes the Ideal Teacher

Before I get lost in the hysterical euphoria of writing, I need to make a confession. The original idea for this piece isn’t mine. I stole it from the educative work of a consultant Melissa Kelly. Because I’m also in one way or the other... Read more →