Ways to Identify and Avoid Scam Recruiters

Job Scammers are getting smarter by the day. They continually find ways to send email and SMS invitations of job interviews to unsuspecting job seekers and then later on ask the same jobseekers for all sorts of fees (application fees, processing... Read more →

7 Tips for a Great Phone Interview

Some interviews job seekers face these days may not be face to face. Depending on the nature of the job you applied for you could be facing a telephone interview. Most people do not even know when they are called by recruiters or prospective... Read more →

Top 5 Career Trends in Nigeria for 2013

2013 may be the year Nigeria and the rest of Africa begin to adopt radical new technologies and subsequently new ways of work. The signs are already there that the workplace will no longer remain as we know it. Here are five trends I believe... Read more →

NGCareers Gets Official Company Page on LinkedIn

We have been extremely busy as the year 2012 rolls away to ensure that come early 2012 we give recruiting companies and jobseekers the best deal ever and create the best possible jobs website for companies in need of talent to meet with vast... Read more →
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