Tips on How to Start Saving For Your Retirement

You are probably in your 20s or 30s while reading this and you never have the thought of saving or planning for that time when you’ll be retired and can no longer be actively earning a salary. There is no better time to start planning... Read more →

6 Reasons You May Still Be Unemployed

If you don’t have a job yet it could be due to several reasons. And the best way to get the obtacles out of the way is to know what possible reasons that may be responsible for your current unemployed status. For a graduate jobseeker finding... Read more →

How to Get a Job After Running Your Business

Running your own business is no mean feat and something many dread which is why they prefer having to do a job while someone else calls the shot and takes the bigger risks. If you have gone the entrepreneurial way and finally want to go back... Read more →

Weekly Career Profile: Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants are primarily responsible for ensuring that safety regulations are followed in airplanes as well as make sure of the comfort and well being of passengers. Job Facts Flight Attendants in Nigeria work mainly with commercial airlines... Read more →

10 Commandments for a Successful Interview

These rules will help job seekers perform better at interviews and maximise the opportunity to impress prospective employers. Non-adherence to these rules cost many candidates jobs they would otherwise would have got. 1. Don’t be Late Plan... Read more →

Making a Good First Day Impression at Work

If you are taking your first job it can be a first day full of tension and uncertainty as you try to impress both your employer and your new co-workers. For someone with very little work experience starting your first day at work can be a stepping... Read more →

5 Signs You Need a Job Change

Editor’s Note: This piece was first published by Ngcareers on Bellanaija. The truth is there is hardly a perfect job for anyone. The myth of the dream job continues to be what it is – a fairy tale. Every job comes with its challenges... Read more →
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