Top Reasons You May or May Not be Employable

There had been a heated debate on employability of fresh Nigeria graduates on Nairaland recently. Many HR persons on the forum stated that most fresh graduates are unemployable while the graduates defended themselves blaming the employers for... Read more →

MTN Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 2014

Operating from Nigeria’s business capital of Lagos, the MTN Foundation was incorporated in July 2004 to offer a sustainable and focused channel through which MTN Nigeria would drive its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in all... Read more →

Here is the Simplest Explanation of Marketing

During a session with some MBA students, a Professor tried to explain marketing in simplest form. He offered the following explanation: You see gorgeous girl in party, you go to her and say I am rich marry me “That’s Direct Marketing“ You... Read more →

What Kind of Smart Are You?

A good IQ is often required for success at work, but more often than not it’s other forms of intelligence that really make or break a team. This is a guest post (infograph) by Bonnie More from In summary the real indicator... Read more →
Company review in Nigeria

Get Inside Reviews of Companies in Nigeria

Have you worked in any company before? Last week we launched a feature on our site “Companies Reviews“, You can submit reviews or your opinion of any company in Nigeria where you are currently working or previously worked anonymously... Read more →

5 Reasons You Haven’t Got that Job

Why wasn’t I called? Why wasn’t taken for that position? But I performed great in the interview! The HR guy’s reaction showed it! Where did it go wrong? This is kind of thoughts that go through your head each time you didn’t... Read more →

3 Companies are After Me, I Need a Raise

Obinna works in a medium sized firm as an Accountant, he has been working in this company for 5 years with no raise. He has been trying to summon courage to ask his boss for raise but couldn’t until one day, he made up his mind and walked... Read more →

Career Humour: Is This Your Boss?

I came across this write up and decided to pass it across and see your opinion. When the body was first made, all the parts wanted to be Boss. The brain said, “I should be boss because I control the whole body’s responses and functions.” The... Read more →

What Starting Salary are you Looking for?

Sometime ago I witnessed an interview at one mid-sized company. They were recruiting for a graduate accounting position. There was this particular lady, looking sharp and smart, as the Human resources officer was winding up the interview with... Read more →
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