Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot! Read That Job Detail Before You Apply

Who do you think is responsible for your apparent inability to secure a job? This article is not a rant, it’s rather an attempt to make people ask why they don’t get invited to job interviews.

While talking with recruiters and employers I keep getting amazed at how very silly some job seekers can be. The job advert states that only candidates living in Owerri should apply and people living in Lagos will apply. How the hell do you think you will be considered?

Next time before you hit that apply now button pause to read the job details and information carefully. If you don’t its a sign that you are not even ready to be offered a job. A jobseeker who doesn’t read the details of an advertised job just shows how poor he will be at the job.

Why Not Reading That Job Detail Carefully Will Hurt Your Chances of Ever Getting a Job

An employer will merely delete your application or throw it into the waste bin the moment she notices that you did not stick to application guidelines and information. You may send 100 applications in a month and get zero feedback. That is because you are doing the wrong thing all the time.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Considered for Jobs When You Apply

1. Read the Qualifications & Requirements, If You Don’t Qualify Don’t Apply

There is little or no use applying for a job with your OND when the employer clearly states that only Degree holders should apply.

If you are overqualified for a job and you don’t mind getting that job then scale down your application. If a job requires maximum OND holders apply with only your OND if you really want the job. That means you will adjust your CV to reflect that. Otherwise you are just going to keepapplying for jobs and still make no progress.

Do You apply as a male when the advertised position clearly states that only females are needed? Why do you think the employer will consider your application when you show your blatant ignorance and inability to read the job specifications?

2. What is The Required Location for The Job

Most employers (except the really big ones) will not spend a dime to help a prospective candidate relocate to the location of the position they seek to fill. Thus they always in their job details specify the location for the job so that only candidates who live or can easily live in those locations (without any help from the employer) can apply.

Still what do many jobseekers do? They go on and send in their applications knowing quite well they do not live near the location specified. How do you think the employer will consider your application when he has hundreds of others living in his prefered location to consider?

If you must apply for a job in a location not near to you indicate in your cover letter your willingness and ability to relocate to the employers’ location of choice without expecting relocation assistance from them.

3. Do You Have the Professional Qualifications Advertised?

A position needs a chartered accountant or an engineer with a valid COREN membership and you go on to apply without having the listed academic and professional qualifications. What where you expecting the employer to do?

4. Do You Have the Right Skills?

Many times I see people apply to jobs where they have little or none of the skills and attributes specified. Such people waste their time because they are not getting invited to any interview.

5. D You Follow the Application Procedure?

When an employer specifies the particular process he wishes prospective candidates to follow in applying do you take the pains to read and understand them. Or do you just go ahead and apply the way your brain tells you to? If you are not even paying attention and following procedures in making your application how the hell does the employer take you serious?

These are most of the things that stop many graduate jobseekers from getting even considered for jobs they apply to.

Next time you start to complain of sending hundreds of applications without getting a single positive response check if you are guilty of any of the above.

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  1. Humphrey says:

    This is really an eye opener and should be taken seriously by any serious job seeker. Hanks for the info.

  2. fillmore says:

    Nice article,thanks a lot,jst learnt a good lesson.

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