Make Your Job Search Effective Using Online Tools

Internet is not only the biggest data repository that human has for its perusal, it is also a great tool for performing other key activities. Job search is one of them. Read on to know how to make your search for new job more effective using online tools.

We all know that Internet has an overwhelming amount of information; however, only few of us are able to utilize this information to its full extent for our benefit. Performing job search using Internet is one of its most important applications, one that most of us are aware with, but only a handful are adept at.

Searching jobs online isn’t limited to just uploading resumes on classified sites and waiting for firms or companies to call you back. A little “out of the box” thinking on your part can lead you places that most aren’t aware of. Here are listed some of the innovative methods that will make your search for new jobs more fulfilling.

Google it!

Google, the ubiquitous site that everyone is aware about has incredibly simple user interface and access to gazillions of bytes of data. Under the hood, it packs a powerful set of features, using which you can easily save on a lot of time and efforts. One example of incorporating Google in your job search strategy would be to searching for resumes of professionals who are already a part of your field. This would give you better ideas for the keywords to use in your resume and improve upon the format. Another trick would be to scan the LinkedIn profiles of people at the companies you are aiming for by doing a string search.

LinkedIn: The new way to search your dream job

The “professional social network” recently celebrated its achievement of reaching 200million plus members. LinkedIn has disrupted the way people viewed social networks by making it a powerful tool for connecting with professionals in your field, searching for new jobs and making new professional connections.

There are a number of ways in which you can leverage the complete power of this social network.

• Keep your LinkedIn profile updated with all previous experiences, projects, achievements and last but not the least, a profile picture (it is a must!)
• Go through the LinkedIn profiles of people you will be meeting the next day for an interview as it will help you gain some common ground
• Make connections with your ex-colleagues from your previous organizations as they can be a source of internal referrals at their current organizations

The social network juggernaut is out there to make the world more open and connected. However it has roles beyond the usual “connecting with family and friends” which most people miss. You can use Facebook to follow your target company, provided they have a Facebook profile page. Most of the companies keep posting information about new recruitment drives on their pages. Further, it has become a common practice for big organizations to do a background check by peeping on the Facebook profiles of their candidates. Therefore it is advisable to keep pictures and information meant for personal usage private through the social network’s privacy settings.

Some Skills required for online job search

Creativeness: Use your creative instincts for better keyword search. Try out different keywords, by including your professional qualifications, training and other achievements to get an exact result.
Knowledge of Social Media: If you despised social networks as a tool of wasting time and a vehicle for publicity ride, then you are caught in the wrong ship. In the present day scenario, knowledge of social media tools is essential to make yourself known amongst those who matter, an indispensable tool to seek and gain employment.

Computer Skills: Although you do not need to be a computer genius to search for new career opportunities, intermediate computer skills is a necessity to get the desired result.

Author is an expert writer having interest in diverse topics like education, technology, career and real estate. She is also a social media enthusiast and a self-confessed gadget-freak, who loves to follow the latest happenings in the tech world.

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