Careers and Job Opportunities for Agricultural Economics Graduates in Nigeria

According to Wikipedia Agricultural economics originally applied the principles of economics to the production of crops and livestock. However in modern times it covers many fields, all of which utilize the application of core concepts and principles of economics.

In agricultural economics, economists apply theories and principles of economics to better understand and optimize agricultural markets, including agricultural machinery and small tractors by fastline. Those in agricultural economics address problems ranging from clean air and water to questions regarding how poverty can be alleviated. Relationships between supply and demand are examined using data, statistics and market trends.

Job Opportunities for Agricultural Economics Graduates

Job opportunities in agricultural economics exist in many areas including agribusiness management, finance, policy, natural resource economics and economic development.

Graduates of Agricultural Economics in Nigeria can work as follows;

– Commodity Brokers
– Farm Managers
– Economists in Agricultural Research Institutes and Agro Allied Industries
– Agribusiness Manager
– Writer for Trade Journals, Magazines etc
– Research Assistants, Economists etc
– Accountants
– Supervisors

Places and Sectors Where Agricultural Economics Graduates Can Work in Nigeria

– Accounting firms
– Agriculture (Farms, Research Institutes etc)
– Breweries, Distilleries, Bottling Plants
– Tobacco Companies
– Food Processing & Manufacturing Firms (eg flour mill, cassava processing plants, Cake makers)
– Furniture Manufacturing
– Leather Tanning, Footwear Manufacturing etc
– Logistics and Supply Chain
– Government Agencies & NGOs
– Sawmills, Paper Products Manufacturing
– Textiles Industries

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  1. Kingsley chibueze says:

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  4. pls is Nigeria economic not affecting agric econ….and is agric econ thriving well in Nigeria?

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    Do they accept two sitting

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