Federal Government Approves N16,000 Monthly Allowance for Unemployed Nigerian Graduates

A few weeks after the Senate and the House of Reps kicked out a bill seeking to enable jobless graduates in the country receive a N15,000 monthly allowance credible reports have it that the Goodluck Jonathan led Federal Government has decided to pay unemployed graduates in the country a N16,000 monthly allowance. The allowance it is understood will be paid to all regular graduates of accredited Nigerian universities till they secure a job or attain the age of 30 years.

Senator Anyim Udeh had earlier sponsored a bill entitled “An Act to provide social security for unemployed graduates and aged in Nigeria,” and proposed a budget of N12.7 billion for the scheme.

The Senator in arguing his case had said: “The social security Bill is in compliance with section 14 of the 1999 Constitution. It is more so, because over 70 per cent of our people live below poverty level. Creating the social security scheme in which unemployed graduates and the aged will have minimum wage to live on will help tackle the problem of poverty.”

Though the bill failed to scale through reports from Presidential sources say the President has already approved the budget for the Social Scheme for Unemployed Graduates and the first payouts will commence in 2014. It is expected that the decision will be ratified next tomorrow at the weekly Executive Council Meeting and a bill sent from the Presidency to the Senate for the creation of an agency under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Youths and the Education Ministry to coordinate the vetting and payment disbursement process.

Some anonymous sources from the opposition say the President may be using this as a way to get the younger and more numerous voters to his side as countdown to 2015 begins.

Whatever may be the case the country’s millions of unemployed graduates will certainly be hoping to see this come to fruition.

To ensure the scheme starts hitch free the Ministry of Education has released guidelines on registration of Unemployed graduates to benefit from the monthly allowance.

If you are an unemployed graduate reading this CLICK HERE for information on Guidelines as released by the Ministry of Education

NOTE: This is an April Fool Post. Thanks for Reading!!!

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  1. Gabobian says:

    So graduates above 30 and unemployed are not living in poverty?

  2. owolabi moshood olawale says:

    i hope and pray this is true.

  3. j-j says:

    Mcheeeeeww,this will satisfy only graduates,people that dint Ǥ☺̥̲̣̣̣̥ to skul nko,they shud better create more jobs for both learned nd unlearned poeple not this jibrishhhhh they re talking

  4. irokanulo vivian says:

    Hop dis ¶§ true ooo cos dis idealness ¶§ getting out O̶̷̩̥̊͡f hand.i dnt even blame d vice.p 4 wat he did last tym bcos he ¶§ in̶̲̥̅̊ a̶̲̥̅̊ bigger position wit his family.y wil he accept d payment.but i pray it wil get 2 his hand 1day 2 b in̶̲̥̅̊ d position O̶̷̩̥̊͡f d poor unemployments.

  5. solomon ayorinde jowosimi says:

    Abi na APRIL fool Ʀ election matter †̥☹ achieve political gain? Why 2014 ? Why Ω̴̩̩̩̥☺t now? Let’s wait & Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡!

  6. olaide says:

    Naija hope this is not april fool! God dey sha

  7. joy says:

    Dis april fool strong ooo

  8. raliat says:

    If this be true and effective,what about the unemployed above 30yrs of age?n if my calculations be right these assumed fee is for fresh tertiary leavers…pathetic

  9. azubike says:

    Ever heard of April FooL?

  10. sunnie sekegor says:

    Follow the …….and it’s April fool

  11. walex says:

    Hey Ngcareer editors, you don’t need to toy with our emotions, that is an expensive joke. Please tell us that you have jokers as writers and we stop visiting your site.

  12. kingsley ogbonnaya says:

    glory be to god,atleast govt has remember unemployed graduates

  13. Abubakar says:

    I heard u saying about accredited schools in Nigeria…what about the International students who completes school outside the country and comes back to Nigeria . They are also Nigerians and they have to be payed to…because it is Nigeria that will also offer them Jobs…

  14. Betsy says:

    it better be true. u got me indeed. nice one. better things re on d way

  15. Ago says:

     =))˚°◦hahahaha
    _\\_ you guys are not serious at all. Nyc April fool.

  16. kc says:

    it is a shame that such respected site like ngcareers will engage themselves in childish n mundane thing like “april fool”

  17. tijani yetunde k says:

    datz gud if dey can do dat for us

    • A.Aliyu says:

      Yeah, but the best thing is to fix electricity and deal with security. That is nothing but a political distraction.

  18. chuky says:

    People dull sha!!! Click on the link, april fools! #IdeyShameForNaijaGraduates

  19. roli says:

    Gosh u totally got me

  20. A. Aliyu says:

    This is a very good idea indeed. However, this sounds like a bribe to the young graduates suffering without jobs. All Nigeria need is security and stable supply of electricity, then everything else will work out.

    Nigeria should ensure security and stable supply of electricity, then it may start thinking of social security for the 70% of Nigerians living below poeverty level. Otherwise, these N15,000 payable to a handfull of graduates ( only those below 30 years) will always be used as an excuse for the government not executing its full responsibilities.

  21. chy says:

    OMG! my hope was high, too expensive a joke. This aint d right joke for the times pls, someone cud have a heart attack on this

  22. Mohammed Lawan Dalorima says:

    I hope all these are 4real cox nigerian leaders are in fun of playing with our senses…..so I hope we won’t waste time for something that atlast the money will be manipulated by some1 alone for himself and his family while the government diss him on Tv like the Pension Guy and go free

  23. AmyLyn says:

    U wish!Can’t y’all read?dis is APRIL FOOL Mehn!and a strong 1 @ dat!hehehe!

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