Scam Alert!! O-diuko International is a Scam Recruiting Organisation

Hello folks

We just got this report on one of the advertisers who try to use our esteemed platform to advertise scam jobs. We hereby advise all jobseekers to steer clear of a recruiting organisation called O-diuko International. We have since pulled down their jobs and blacklisted them from Ngcareers. See the report from one of the jobseekers who fell victim to their scam.

I wish to share my personal experience which I had recently on a job scam. A certain company named O-Diuko International that claimed to be into Clearing and Forwarding in Lagos advertised a job vacancy for a Health Safety Officer on a job site, I saw the vacancy advertised online and decided to apply because I met their qualification for the job. A day after the successful submission of my application I got a reply from them via email informing me that my application was received and that I am invited for a written interview at No. 9 Oremeji Street, Isolo, Lagos.

I left my state of residence and travelled all the way to Lagos for the interview. On the day of the supposed interview, I arrived at the venue at 8:30am because the time given for the interview was 9:00am prompt. On the interview venue, I met young unemployed graduates from far and near who also came for the same interview.

When we were finally called in to the interview hall to my greatest dismay, I realised that so-called O-Diuko Clearing and Forwarding giant was not a Clearing and Forward Company but a Drug Marketing Wellness Home seeking for young graduates to exploit and cajole into parting their hard-earned money in the name of partnering with them. When I narrated my ordeal with this scam group to a close friend of mine that resides in Lagos, he said a certain group; some weeks ago also advertised that they needed urgent employment that qualified persons should come to No. 9 Oremeji Isolo, Lagos with their CV for interview and employment.

On getting there, he found out that it’s a group of drug marketing FRAUDSTERS. Hence, I wish to bring this to the notice of the general public especially unemployed graduates to beware of the above named address, I also call on Nigeria Directorate of employment (NDE), ICPC and other relevant government agencies to wade into this unemployment scam that some unscrupulous Nigerians have indulge in. Let make Nigeria a better place!

Help us fight scammers who are always trying to use Ngcareers (because of our wide reach and good reputation) to advertise scam jobs. Report any scam advertiser or recruiter who tries to extort money before offering you a job or lures you to come and join a health or wellness marketing program. Send all reports such as the one above to info[a]

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  1. Bimbo says:

    No doubt this guys are into all sorts of trickery. They once scammed my wife into similar “lucrative opportunity” at the same “9, Oremeji Isolo, Lagos”.

    No doubt that that house number is a hideout for 419ers.

    We’ve got to watch out!!

  2. sunnie sekegor says:

    Did Ngcareers just realise that fake recruiters use their platform as well. It beats normal reasoning then.

    • Paul says:

      We have always been on the watchout for these scammers and screen all jobs before they go live. However as in all things there is never a 100% guarantee that a few don’t sneak through the measures. We discovered them and had even blacklisted them as well as pulling down their jobs about a day after they had been put up. The truth is these scammers are continually looking for new ways to beat the system. Rest assured that Ngcareers is upping the fight against job scammers. We will soon release one or two new ideas that will even make it harder for these people. Thanks for stopping by

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