After Youth Service What Next? How to Fast Track Your Career After Serving Your Nation

Barely one month ago another batch of the nation’s youth service corps passed out from the one year scheme and a new batch got admitted soon after. For the ex-corpers it is a whole different world they are getting into; a world where they eat their young and nobody (least the government) cares to ensure the years of education do not go to waste.

Many fresh graduates who find themselves suddenly in the labour market and with no hard or soft skills to push their way into satisfactory jobs will do well to take note of the points below.

Here’s a no holds barred, down-to-earth take on how any graduate jobseeker can take the reins and get themselves into the career jobs of their dream. The pieces of advice here may be tough or downright outrageous but trust us, that’s what you will need to succeed in the very competitive labour market of today.

Think in Reverse Mode

Your thinking is a huge part of the success you may record in your job search. Quit blaming companies, governments and almost every other person for your job woes and look critically at the reasons why you may be the one stopping yourself from landing a job. Do you wait for the jobs to come to you? That’s what many graduates do. Do you just scan the newspapers and send a bunch of applications every week and then wait for something to happen? You bet so many others are doing that. So you then have to

Act Differently

When others use the same CV for all job applications use a unique CV slightly adjusted for each job application. One CV can never do the job when you are applying for a Warehouse Supervisor job and an Operations Assistant Manager job. Understand that each job you applying for needs a separate strategy. Study the requirements and job details and go through your CV to see ideas and information you can add or remove to boost your chances. Craft a very convincing cover/application letter and don’t just attach your CV and click the send button.

Get Out and Network

While job sites and other advertising media account for an increasing percentage of the channels through which jobs are advertised a very impressive percentage of jobs are still filled via back channels and networking. Depending on the sector and type of job you are looking out for you need to get on social media and make useful connections with managers, experts and consultants in your prospective field. Many people get invited to behind-the-scene interviews because they got in touch with the right people and more importantly they proved they were very capable of doing the job and learning all they needed to learn as fast as possible

Ask for Internships/Trainee Opportunities

Sometimes I worry at the serious sense of illusion on the side of many of our graduates. They want to work in air conditioned offices and earn hefty six figure sums monthly but are totally not ready to work at lower jobs with high growth potentials. When you are a graduate with basically no experience and very limited skills you should be on the lookout for internship or junior trainee positions in organizations that can provide you the chance to enhance your skills, learn on the job and perhaps get offered a permanent position. Golden job opportunities are sometime hidden in a heap of dirt and only those smart and hardworking enough to dig under will get the positions they desire.

Take Charge of Your Job Hunting

Read the Ten Step Job Hunting Strategy and act on them. Action and Execution are very important for any successful endeavour.

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