Just Got a Job? How to Get a Perfect Start to Your New Job

Getting a new job is not an easy feat in our current economy where the available jobs are obviously outnumbered by the number of jobseekers and aspiring candidates.

It is important you start the job on the right footing so below are tips we gathered on how to start your new job well and give yourself a chance at rapid progress.

Shut Your Mouth, Open Your Ears

The rule for newbies in the workplace is plain commonsense. You are new to the workplace and you don’t want to start raising hell, breaking rules and making enemies quickly. Be polite, reply when you are talked to and avoid lewd jokes. You will have to take a couple of months to understand your new co-workers and superiors and then determine the best relationship approach that works for each.

On the other hand you should be quick to understand how things work in your new organisation. Watch, Listen and Learn as fast as you can the best way to do your work.

Focus on Your Responsibilities and Areas of Strength

You were probably hired because you had a particular skills set and experience the company felt they wanted. At the beginning of your work is not the time to experiment wildly. Stick to your work responsibilities and schedule.

Cater to all Constituents

Most likely when you were hired you were told your direct report (the senior team member you are to report to directly). However the demands of the workplace are such that you may interact with customers regularly, have to report or make a case to some other superior who is not your direct report etc. you will have to be flexible enough to accomodate all these stakeholders you will be working or coming in contact with (co-workers, direct superiors, indirect superiors, customers etc) Learn about all these people you may come in contact with and learn quickly how best to deal with them. Your job may have defined scope and responsibilities but many times you will be required to liase with other people and carry out tasks that do not strictly fall under your scope or description. That is normal and you should be prepared to work with any body in and outside the organisation

Start With a Strong Work Ethic

Nothing will set you off on a wrong footing in your new workplace than starting lazy. Start with a strong sense of work ethic and high level productivity and you will strike a positive tone with your new bosses.

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