#MyOgaAtTheTop: Employment Scams & How an NSCDC Commander Set Off a Hilarious Internet Meme

The last week has certainly become very hilarious as Nigerians on social media got something to meet a meme from.

During an interview on Channels Television the Lagos State Commander of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) totally showed a lack of basic knowledge of his organisation’s web presence. When pressed for the website of the NSCDC to help members of the public get correct information about the NSCDC and protect themselves from employment scams by unscrupulous individuals the commander totally goofed. He initially parleyed the questions and then finally gave answers that has now set off probably the most widespread Nigerian generated Internet Meme.

See video of the Interview below;

The gaff has set off widespread memes and mimics including inspiring a video remix by Dj Ziggy among others.

The questions that led to this gaffe was on how the NSCDC was combating scam employment offers made in its name. Now you know what scam employment has done; generating a new wave of social media joke that has made the NSCDC currently the most popular Federal Government Agency in Nigeria at the moment.

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