How to Identify Fake Employment Letters

If you have not come across a fake job offer letter, sooner or later you will. Sometimes it looks so real, many have fallen victims out of ignorance or frustration. This post will help you identify a fake employment/job offer letter and avoid being scammed. A fake employment letter is a letter of job offer sent by scam agents across the internet, they claim to be a representative of a company.

The following are some tips to identify a fake job offer letter:
You don’t remember applying to any job from that company.
This is the first thing you should think through. Did you ever applied to any job from the company? If you didn’t, simply ignore the offer and move on.

Did you attend any job interview?:
Most employers only offer an employment letter to candidates who meet their requirements after interview and accessment process. So if you get a job offer without an interview/prior contact with the company you should verify the legitimacy and authenticity of the offer.

Research the company:
Just like you do before applying for any job you should conduct a research on any company you receive job offer from, find out about the company’s location, mission, services etc. If you don’t find any information or very little information its probably a scam.

You are offered a high salary with little or no experience:
If the job offers extremely high salaries, numerous benefits and flexibility in return for little or no experience it is likely to be a scam. Many individuals receive job offer letters that detail “too good to be true” criteria, which is often the case as these are sent by unscrupulous agents who are scamming unsuspecting job seekers.

Check the email address (Who actually sent it):
Most scammers use email service providers such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc to send these fake employment letters. So when you receive such offers check the email, companies usually send offers from email address under their website address Eg an email from shell will look like rather than

Spelling mistakes and grammar errors:
All emails received from the company that is offering you the job should be composed in a professional and formal manner. The email with the offer letter should follow appropriate email etiquette. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are a red flag that indicate unprofessionalism as well as lack of knowledge. This includes exclamation marks within the offer letter as well as random capitalization of words.

Money/Payment required:
Just like in job search the easiest method of recognizing a fake job offer letter is when you are requested to pay or transfer money. An employer who requires the individual to transfer a certain amount of money into the company’s/personal account is a definite sign of a job scam. If you see this in your job offer letter, it is important to report the job and ensure that others do not fall victim to the same scam.

However it is pernitent to note that some companies may access your CV through job boards or recruitment agencies through which you have applied for job before. In such cases you may have not applied to the company. However, the company in question is expected to let you know how they got across to you and will usually require you attend an interview. Whichever the case, you should always research on any company offering you an employment.

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  1. reme says:

    Well said, but I will also add that sometimes these scammers may ask you to contact a third party say a barrister to prepare certain documents for you. When you do contact the third party you ll be asked to pay some money. These scammers have become so good that it may be difficult to tell truth from lies. So I advise when you get an offer from a company you didn’t write a test nor attend an interview carefully study the offer don’t be in a hurry to act or accept.

    • Andy Chuks says:

      Well said Reme, Scammers keep changing tactics daily. The bottom line is never pay anyone to give you a work. No real company will ask you to pay before they give you work.

  2. syama K.R says:

    I recived a job offer from eastgate tower hotel newyork us. They told to contact a diplomat in india for visa process,and i have to pay 450dollar for visa. is this mail id is fake?

  3. sunil says:

    please tell me how to you confirm that. How to i accept im also applied and send my informations. But im not pay the amount.

  4. Mudil says:

    EstaaGate tower hotel is genuine or not can able to tell me that.

  5. K.Ganesh says:

    Is this email id ( fake or true?

  6. Manikandan says:

    I have received a mail from Eastgate hotel.. Asking me to send my passport scan copy and they have also set me a applicant for which needs to be filled and sent. They have clearly mentioned that the visa needs to be bared by the employee if selected which is like 450 dollars. Kindly let me know if this is fake or real. Can I apply..

    • ngcareers says:

      Don’t pay anyone for such, it clearly a scam. A repute organisation will either help you process VISA free or ask you to do so through the Embassy. Which email address sent you the mail?

  7. Fredah Muwowo says:

    Can someone tell me if they have heard of zohoo health and Pharmaceuticals Products in canada with the address Need to know if they are legit.Been offered employment which I applied using IRS site.

    • RJ says:

      I am also offered from zohoo. But i dont that is legit or not. If you know please let me know.

      Contact 7411047807

  8. Sadiq says:

    Hi today i got offer letter form CB&I how can i clarify this offer is genuine or fake help me please reply me as soon as possible please

  9. jabar says:

    Hi today i got offer letter form south greasepointconstruction for general labour salary is 11500usd permonth how can i clarify this offer genuine or fake help me please reply me

  10. Arun says:

    Hello Arun here, i saw an advt on and found Colorado Petroleum have some openings in Denver, US. And I’ve also cross checked that company is there too in Denver. After I’ve applied there they had sent me interview form and application form. I just filled that and sent it back to them. Next day i got offer letter from them (on company letter head). But the point is they mentioned in job offer letter, so many peoples use their job process to come over there or enter in US that’s why one condition is there, they want me to spend 20% of the whole amount and they will spend rest 80%.20%is refundable also. They’ve asked me to send my passport and all necessary docs to Barrister also. After he will start my visa process and I’ve to fulfill what he/she will ask. What to do..? Please help me to find out the solution. Should i go ahead or not.!

  11. Iche says:

    Pls admin is this email fake

  12. vishal says:

    this mail id ( fake or true.

  13. — On Thu, 10/19/17, Certas Energy UK
    > Ltd
    > wrote:
    > > From: Certas Energy UK Ltd
    > > Subject: Post of Electrical
    > Engineer
    > > To: “Mahbubur Rahman”
    > > Date: Thursday, October 19, 2017,
    > 5:04 AM
    > > We have received your submitted
    > CV/RESUME and
    > > we sincerely appreciate
    > > your interest in our company, in
    > line
    > > with this, we have reviewed your
    > > CV/RESUME for employment
    > consideration
    > > as your education back ground,
    > > previous experience meets up with
    > the
    > > required qualifications for the
    > > post of Electrical Engineer with
    > the
    > > salary amount of 10,500 GB Pounds
    > per
    > > month.
    > >
    > > We are desirous of having
    > you work
    > > with us after this assessment by
    > > us, as we see your skills as
    > value
    > > addition to our company and our
    > > clients respectively.
    > >
    > > Benefit:
    > > The company will provide free
    > > accommodation ,Insurance (NIN)
    > ,Flight
    > > Ticket,Tax Free,salary allowance ,
    > Free
    > > Medical Expenses , Vacation
    > > paid leave Allowance and many
    > more
    > > benefit you will see in your
    > > Appointment Letter
    > >
    > > Working Schedule:
    > > •Working Days & time: Monday
    > to
    > > Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00PM (GMT)
    > with
    > > break period of 2hrs hours
    > > only,beginning from 12.00noon to
    > 2.00pm
    > >
    > > • Employees shall also be
    > entitled to
    > > over-time allowance if their
    > > work time exceeds the official
    > > stipulated hours. Salary shall be
    > > liable to increments with time
    > and
    > > employees’ official promotions
    > and
    > > position in service.
    > >
    > > • Saturday & Sunday: Off
    > > Day
    > >
    > > •Shift Time: Morning and Night.
    > >
    > > •Contract Period: 2 Years
    > contract
    > > and it can be extended if only
    > you
    > > wish to remain with our company
    > >
    > > We are offering you 3months
    > vacation
    > > interval and during this period..
    > > You have the chance to visit your
    > love
    > > ones and family. The company
    > > will take care of your Vacation
    > flight
    > > ticket (Return Ticket to and
    > > fro).
    > >
    > > As a notice of acceptance of job
    > offer,
    > > we shall send you appointment
    > > and invitation letter for you to
    > sign
    > > and return the sign copy back to
    > > us for record purpose. So
    > therefore
    > > kindly let us know if you are
    > > satisfied with the salary rate
    > above in
    > > order for us to proceed
    > > further.
    > >
    > > Please keep this job reference
    > number
    > > (June/2017/UK/JOB/GB0012)
    > > important as it will be needed
    > from
    > > time to time in respect of your
    > > job application and Interview.
    > >
    > > We await to hear from you ASAP.
    > >
    > > Regards,
    > >
    > > Certas Energy Ltd
    > >
    > >
    > > On 10/17/17, Mahbubur Rahman
    > > wrote:
    > > > Dear
    > > > i send you my updated CV
    > please
    > > check bellow what i attested.
    > please send me
    > > > feedback.
    > > > Mahbub
    > > >
    > > > On Tuesday,
    > October
    > > 17, 2017, 10:49:39 PM GMT+6,
    > Certas Energy UK Ltd
    > > >
    > > wrote:
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > We want to use this medium
    > to
    > > inform you that vacancies is now
    > on
    > > > Certas Energy Ltd Uk. Kindly
    > send
    > > your C.V or Resume to (
    > > >
    > > ) . Job Salary: Depending on your
    > roll of
    > > > specialization, Salary
    > Ranging
    > > from 6,500 GBP to 10,500 GBP (Per
    > > > Month) or negotiable and We
    > shall
    > > take care of your Transportation
    > > > expenses, Accommodation,
    > feeding,
    > > Flight Ticket and a month
    > training
    > > > on arrival.
    > > >
    > > > we shall only get back to you
    > if
    > > you are shortlisted
    > > >
    > > > 302 Bridgewater
    > Place,Birchwood
    > > Park,Birchwood,Warrington WA3
    > 6XG,
    > > > United Kingdom.
    > > >

  14. Certas Energy UK Ltd says:

    this offer latter is genuine of fake

  15. Certas Energy UK Ltd says:

    please advice me also about this offer later

  16. fahim says:

    I got offer in Belgium cultivation and sheep farming mail ID is (

  17. sakthi says:

    this mail id ( fake or true.

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