Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas(NLNG) Scholarship 2012/2013

The management of Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas(NLNG) has kick started the 2012/13 Edition of its annual Scholarship.

The scholarship is Open for all full time first year students of Nigerian Universities Only.

Candidates are to scan the following Documents;

1.Passport Sized Photograph (Coloured)
2.JAMB and/or University admission letters
3.WAEC/NECO/GCE/O’Levels or A Level results
4.Letter of Identification of Local Government
5.School ID Card.

Once you are done scanning the above documents, then proceed to the official website by clicking here. Once the page opens, access the portal by clicking on the button that says “Scholarship Application Portal”.

List of shortlisted candidates and dates to write the aptitude test will be published online between Monday 18 June – Friday 20 July 2012

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  1. Oma says:

    Can someone use two results

  2. Oma says:

    I mean can someone use two resul for the scholarship scheme

  3. Nyeneime essien says:

    What about students in second year

  4. Isiak O says:

    My admission is not ready there any alternative..

  5. Isiak O says:

    My admission letter is not ready there any alternative..

  6. tolu says:

    when will the scaning of the required document end or when is it close

  7. Dennis says:

    jst applied 4 it.

  8. wejinya peter says:

    pls comfirm if i am shortlisted for the aptitude test for nlng

  9. Dennis says:

    How can we get the names of shortlisted candidates in the NLNG scholarship 2012?

  10. jennifer anioke says:

    plz wen r u publishing d shortlisted names 4 d scholarship

  11. fortune says:

    how do i check for the shortlisted candidates

  12. fortune says:

    how do i check for the shortlisted candidates for 2012/13

  13. Ella says:

    Pls everybody wats d site for checkin d shortlisted candidates i cant check oo since monday. Pls help

  14. david says:

    is the list of qualified stds going to be published on net or succesful candidates wil be contacted through their emails

  15. delytsome says:

    pls keep me posted on d nlng scholarship shortlistment.

  16. Osarugue says:

    Please, when will the list of shortlisted candidates be available online or will the candidates be contacted through emails?

  17. Earl says:

    Plz som1 tell me wen de list 4 de considered candidates be out. Thankz

  18. Christopher says:

    Pliz,kip me posted on d nlng scholarship as regards short listed candidates.thanks.

  19. Orighoye Emmanuel says:

    Pls how can I check for the nlng shortlist and when will the list be released.

  20. says:

    Today is the dead line for the shortlisted candidiate names is to be wen is it going to come out

  21. socratesmx says:

    wen is this list coming out na? i mean shortlist of nlng

  22. ama says:

    notify me 2 guys

  23. Oluwatoyin says:

    When is d list comin out? keep m posted plzzzzz.

  24. Awanzee says:

    Pls we ar still waiting for the list.

  25. Chris-chika says:

    Pls,y is d List of d successful candid8s takn time 2 b relizd .in4m me on dis no:08164901255 wen d lists r out.

  26. Awanzee says:

    pls and pls publish the list or contact our phone no by snding short text message.

  27. Chris-chika says:

    Pls,wats d criteria 4 chosing students 4 d scholarship

  28. Precious chidalu says:

    Pls,is nlng shortlisted candidates out,& how can i get to see d list

  29. Precious chidalu says:

    Pls,how can i get to see the list of shortlisted candidates

  30. Oladosu Abeeb says:

    God will continue enlarging your coast.

  31. Osifo Emmanuel says:

    How can we be contacted when the shortlist of successful candidate comes out

  32. Iyke A McTheophilus says:

    wen is this list coming out? i mean the shortlist of nlng scholarship.

  33. Chris-chika says:

    Pls in4m me wen d list of candidates 4 d NLNG 2012/2013 scholarship is out on dis numba:08164901255 tanx.

  34. Chiemezie says:

    Please when will the list be out??? Kindly help me check for my name…

  35. Bemshima says:

    Pls wen are the shortlisting the names for the nlng scholarship and addax nnpc petroleum scholarship?

  36. Bemshima says:

    Pls wen are the shortlisting the names for the nlng scholarship and addax nnpc petroleum scholarship? Keep me posted

  37. aliyu shehu says:

    you say you have released the name of shortlisted candidates, but we checked and found nothing on your website

  38. teewhy? says:

    When precisely will d shortlist be released? Why hasn’t it been released?

  39. Irene says:

    Pls when will the list of shortlisted candidates be pasted? Pls keep me posted

  40. GIFT says:

    no link2chk d shortlist on nlng website,pls kp me informd wn d shortlist is out,tnx.

  41. Jidew says:

    Pls what happens to someone who wants to do PhD in natural gas related courses abroad. I have an offer to study, but shockingly none of these oil and gas companies offers scholarship at that level. PTDF is out of it, because they already streamlined their courses. what do we do?

  42. Ekene bassey says:

    When will the list be posted?..plz let me knw

  43. Ekene bassey says:

    Please which site will d shortlisted names for the Nlng 2012 be posted on

  44. Yemi says:

    Do u have a separate website or u’r referrin 2 ur facebuk page?

  45. Olayinka says:

    Just keep us posted

  46. Caroline says:

    Pls i have done all i can to check d nlng shortlisted candidate, for 2012/2013 scholarship but i can acces it pls, how do i go about it.

  47. folasayo says:

    Pls is the list if shortlisted candidates out? What national daily was use? I need information on it badly

  48. Hadji says:

    Pls can som1 tel me d criteria for shortlisting candidate for dis nlng scholarship.pls keep me posted on 07034878896.

  49. David.o.N says:

    HMMM! any info abt d shortlisting tin…pls…..

  50. Ajuma says:

    When are the names of shortlisted candidates coming out please for nlng and addax?

  51. chinex says:

    pls we is the list cuming out,i?v being checking more dan a mnth nw.whts happening nw

  52. marthyda says:

    when wil d names be publish.pls i need ur help

  53. joshua says:

    please let us know when the shortlisted names is out…. please.

  54. joshua ogar says:

    we are waiting 4 d nlng list, pls is it not out yet? if it is out, which website should we check.

  55. Richmond says:

    Wen is dis list actually coming out.

  56. Maria says:

    Pls whats the webpage for the nlng schollarship posted

  57. UDO I.WILLIAMS says:


  58. olabiyi samuel says:

    Is the list out pls notify me the site 08098097265

  59. Ola says:

    Wen will d shortlisted list for d scholarship come and how are we going to check the list?

  60. genald ifeanyi says:

    you guys should just cool down. they have not shortlisted. remember they gave till 20th of july. there is still time, so just sit back and pray you’l be shortlisted.

  61. Mercy says:

    Pls wen is ds list coming out? My contact: 08065446035. Thanks.

  62. jonathan says:

    Pls wen z d list comin out.

  63. D.TIMS says:

    On behalf of d whole applicants of NLNG SCHOLARSHIP, we are in a state of suspense for a long time now and it will be better if they help us by knowing our fate in time instead of panicking

  64. On behalf of the whole applicants of NLNG SCHOLARSHIP, we are in a state of suspense for a long time now and it will be better if they help us by knowing our fate in time instead of panicking

  65. Tony Benjamin says:

    I hav tried my best to check the list of shortlisted candidates for nlng 2012/2013,but I couldn’t.Pls how can I view the list?

  66. Micheal Abayomi says:

    when is the list is goin 2 come out?pls let’s knw our fate pls.

  67. Tshine says:

    Getin tired of dis whole fin

  68. Ekene bassey says:

    The period of suspense is too long,and the credibility of the shortlisting procedure is beginning to be in doubt, please the list of shortlisted students should be posted on net for everyone to see.

  69. Amenda says:

    Pls wen is da list goin to b out we re al waitin pls

  70. Emeka abu zaria says:

    Am stl tryin to chk 4 d lst ani 1 wit info shud get me pstd on 08033027840

  71. Ruthanne Abhiele says:

    Still waiting for the list of shortlisted candidates 4 d Nlng scholarship exams. My younger sister, Abhiele Gabrielina, applied for it.

  72. Justice says:

    Pls inform me when the shortlist list name is out nlng call 08068005547

  73. Justice says:

    Pls inform me when the shortlist list name is out nlng call 08068005547.

  74. jennifer anioke says:

    plz is dere a specific site dt i cn check 4 d shortlisted names?cos as it stands i ll nt lyk 2 b tken unaware

  75. solomon moses ijamu says:

    i need help on how to find the shortlisted candidates who applied for the nlng scholarship, 2012. I want to know if my name is on the list. I luv wat u guys i wish all applicants gudluck and best wishes. Thank nlng

  76. Xtel says:

    Pls when would the list be out i can’t wait….

  77. Anthony Goodman says:

    Guys dis list is taken time mehn,i cnt wait o 2day is 18th 2 more days 2 go.may God c us tru

  78. saminu ismail ubah says:

    when wil d list be posted

  79. Aremu fisayo stephen says:

    Have been waiting since for the shortlisted list of nnlg. Please keep me posted when the list is out.07069618211

  80. Maria says:

    Pls wats the webpage 4 the nlng schollarship.pls incase of any show contact me wth 08134648642

  81. Maria says:

    Please what is the webpage 4 the nlng schollarship.pls incase of any show contact me wth 08134648642

  82. Victor onichabor says:

    We are already in the last day,nting yet…wat’s happening?

  83. Udoka john says:

    Thanks to your reputable company for this selfless service to humanity. Keep on

  84. Comfort umoren says:

    Pls wen d list is out try n notify me pls wit dis no:07085540558 tanxs

  85. Prosper says:

    Why are this ppl doing dis tins.Today is 20th.Na mid night dem won short list d names..

  86. D.TIMS from DELSU says:

    the deadline has expire also but nothing seems to be happening. Can anyone tell what is really going on cos i don’t understand the whole process again.

  87. Saszee says:

    18-2Oth bt up date no news…

  88. Saszee says:

    18-2Oth bt up date no news… Bt no prbx we r stll waitng…

  89. Henry says:

    Please when the list is out please you guys should call me on this number 07060920237 or text me

  90. ajuma says:

    What”s happening about the list?The deadline has past and we haven”t heard anything about the list.

  91. Stephen says:

    I dey beg anyone who knows the website bag wey contain all the shortlisted candidates’ names,to please in4m number is 08133503219. Cheers.

  92. Ruthanne Abhiele says:

    Pls call 08067108949 or 08078601743. Or mail me using, just incase the Nlng list is out. God bless u all

  93. Comfort umoren says:

    Gudevening pls is d list out if it is out let me know by texting me wit dis no:07085540558 tanxs

  94. Any new date 4 de xpectin scholarship list? Pls nobody who has a gud in4mation abt this shuld pls call me wt 08067283651. Tnx

  95. mercy ozavize says:

    I’m not sure i know the process…but i dnt hv a document or xam location…are we 2 be shortlisted 1st for dat 2 be done…or please clarify me n update me. Tnx..07038558500

  96. dami says:

    pls when is the list coming out?????

  97. Abuh David says:

    Pls we are all anxiouse to see the shortlist of the NLNG 2012-2013 scholarship,We will be glad if this is done in earnest.

  98. benjamin says:

    when is the would be out? 07037864650

  99. benjamin says:

    when is the list would be out

  100. Jumai says:

    Plz release ds list nlng.ds suspence is 2 much

  101. marthyda says:

    pls if the list is out pls help inform me on my

  102. Debsuly says:

    Mehn am tired of waitin 4ds ‘almighty list’ jor. Hvn a filin dat ds scholarshp is fake!

  103. NATHANIEL says:

    pls, help and notify me when d shortlisted candidates names are on. Tnx 4 ya gudies. 07062945873

  104. Sammy says:

    All is well. No cause for alarm.

  105. Amenda says:

    Pls dis re ma nos 08092888020 nd 08082087222 any1 wit any info regardin d shortlist shld inform me pls. Tanks

  106. Bamiduro Seun says:

    What is our hope on this scholarship. Pls tell us what is wrong. We love you

  107. Tony Benjamin says:

    Pls notify me of any information regarding d shortlisted names for NLNG scholarship.My phone no: 08038430788.

  108. DR ISAAC says:

    Plz my bro & sis notify me when NLNG LIST is out 08167453249

  109. folasayo says:

    Pls if u know the procedure 4 checking d nlng scholarship shortlisted candidates, kind reach me on 08090540698/ Thanks

  110. folamicheal says:

    Pls if u know the procedure 4 checking d nlng scholarship shortlisted candidates, kind reach me on 08090540698/ Thanks

  111. aaron says:

    The site for the list.

  112. aaron says:

    The site for the list of candidates.

  113. prosper says:

    Hello all applicant of NLMG SCHOLARSHIP..I called their office earlier today to ask for the update on our application.their responds was that.We should check out in 3days time..User name and password will be sent to qualify applicant to login and know there place of testing..Wish u

  114. nickey says:

    thanks prosper. Hope that info works perfectly okay

  115. Id says:

    @Prosper: will d username and password be send to our phone number of e-mail please?

  116. onovo Anthony ndubuisi says:

    pls how do i check the list of shortlisted candidates

  117. Adeleke sherif says:

    Nlng undergraduate scholarship test has been scheduled to hold on august 11 2012 07033734874

  118. Hakeem says:

    Proper i think they gave you a wrong information because i received their message this afternoon that i was invited for the test and they asked me to check an address for the location of the test,the test is coming up on 11th of august.

  119. Log1 says:

    This is to inform u guys dat d LIST IS OUT. The exam date is 11th of Aug., pls google d list. Thanks

  120. Tshine says:

    The list is now on d net

  121. De Great says:

    Thanks a lot dudes

  122. Chux says:

    The list is out. Please who knows how the test will be? I mean the format. Is it a verbal or computer based and stuffs like that..

  123. Ola says:

    Wat if my invitation letter ddnt get to me b4 d exam. Date,is there any. Alternative?pls,I need to know

  124. Tony says:

    Have anyone received the invitation letter?

  125. ojukwu says:

    What is holding addax?

  126. Seun says:

    Please when wil addax petroleum release d shortlist for the Aptitude Test?

  127. uby says:

    i want to knw wen d real names will com out, i wrote d xamz buh i aint hear nting abt it nomore……. pls if there is any news pls call dis num 08093117159

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