You Love Keeping Fit? Here are Career Opportunities in Fitness and Sports

If you have always been in love with keeping fit, doing exercises, playing one sport or the other there are certainly many avenues you can pursue a career in.

We list a wide range of careers with very good earning and growth prospects in fitness and sports;

1. Personal Trainer
The other day as I jogged down a serene neighbourhood I saw hordes of fat (no pun intended) and out of shape women and men undergoing fitness and weight reduction exercises led by a super fit dude. I certainly started noticing them every week and when I made enquiries I discovered the young man worked as a fitness trainer for a popular fitness center/gym in the area. What more those scores of well-off men and women paid handsome monthly fees to benefit from the fitness exercises and training.

As a personal trainer, you can work in a variety of settings such as gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, schools, corporate offices or in clients’ homes. If you are looking for a personal trainer visit Zack Miller – Tone Body Fitness.

If you are the more ambitious type you can even start or become your own self wmployed fitness trainer as there aren’t many around. The major benefit I see is that you get to work only less than 10 hours a week (as most of your work will be during weekends when your clients are a bit more available). You might need an office and a gym (though this is not absolutely necessary), hand out your fliers, get a few willing takers and take them on gruelling fitness runs and exercises on weekends.

The super good thing? You can do this part time and keep your weekday job!

2. Coach

Coaches instruct competitive athletes in their respective sports at all levels, from high school to professional leagues. You help motivate individuals and teams to succeed and to develop their talents. Some coaches also look for talented individuals to recruit to their teams. Coaches work irregular hours depending on the nature of the sport, and are normally subject to a great deal of travel during the season. In some cases, you may be required to have certain levels of education, but the most important factor is always knowledge of the game, normally through direct experience.

3. Referee

Referees officiate sports games, observe from up close and make judgments that impact the game. For example, a referee is responsible for deciding if a rule was violated and what the penalty should be. Refs work on the field with athletes in a variety of weather and locations, so you must be able to keep pace with the athletes. Extensive travel and irregular schedules are the norm. Referee jobs vary in educational requirements, but any referee must have great knowledge of the sport, and a keen awareness. Referees, especially in football, receive decent pay. You may have to make enquiries at your local sports commission or association to get full information on how to get needed qualifications and get started.

4. Athlete

Professional athletes play their sports competitively, in organized leagues, for entertainment purposes. Professional athletes normally work irregular hours and have to travel a lot for different games and competitions. Some sports involve a variety of weather and environments, and some sports subject athletes to very strenuous physical and mental conditions. Many sports men and women are beginning to make decent income and should you get offers from Europe or USA you could be in for mega bucks. The sore point here is that for you to be successful in taking a career as a sports athlete in any sports you need to have started at a younger age.

Got any further ideas on careers in sports and fitness? Let us know through the comment sections and we might just add them

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