Customer Service Careers and Job Opportunities in Nigeria

Customer Service is an integral part of many companies and business organisations especially if they are consumer facing organisations (ie companies that market products and services to mass consumers).

What do Customer Service Agents, Representatives Do?

Customer service representatives work for a variety of firms throughout the country and act as a direct point of contact for customers. They must ensure that their customer’s are assisted properly and that all their questions and concerns are addressed. Customers can be single consumers or large firms, and the needed services can be quite different depending on the customer.

Every representative or service agent works with customer directly in order to provide timely responses to questions about the goods and services offered, or to take care of complaints. The vehicle of communication can be by telephone, e-mail, snail mail, fax, the internet, or in person. Some work as specialists are deal with specific issues while others deal with general questions, concerns, and problems.

Opportunities for Customer Service Careers

A wide variety of companies utilize customer service representatives to act as the first line of contact for consumers. A trained customer service rep can work almost anywhere even though the job titles vary. Below are some prominent places where a customer service rep or agent can work.

Call Center Agents (work in local and outsourced call centers as agents handling customer enquiries, issues and challenges. Telecom companies like MTN, Globacom, Visafone etc, Internet Service Providers, Online Payment Processing Companies etc are places where one can work as Call Center Agent or Rep). At Professional Communications Network based in the USA being a call center operator means you get professional training. So you should not think that every person can work as an operator.

Customer Service Officer (Banks, Insurance Companies and other financial institutions, Government Agencies, Hotels & Resorts, etc)

Customer Service Officer (in Multinational corporations, FCMG, etc)

Important Skills for Customer Service Jobs

Communication skills:

Good communication is the lifeblood of the service industry and it’s important that your communication style reflects professionalism. This means your language should be devoid of grammatical errors and you should be able to demonstrate a satisfactory use of word choice so that your customer maintains confidence in your skill sets.

Listening skills:

Good listening skills will help you understand the main ideas of the person you are communicating with. It also enables you to understand the specifics of a particular situation that you could be dealing with.

Problem solving skills:

You should be committed and have a sincere desire to solve the customers’ problems. Your ability to ask the right kind of questions will be a key factor in providing an effective solution.


You need to adapt to a customer’s unique needs and changing circumstances. You should be open to change and be willing to take the customer’s feedback and act on it.

Initiative and proactiveness:

You need to be proactive and anticipate customers’ problems. You should be able to apologise and correct a mistake rather than hiding behind company policies.Professionalism:

You need to be professional, friendly, and courteous. Being direct and expressive helps you build a strong relationship with the customer.


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