3 Ways to Overcome the Challenges of Lack of Experience: For Fresh Graduates

While searching for jobs as a graduate one of the biggest impediments encountered is the lack of experience. A vast majority of jobs out there require at least a couple of years experience. How does a young, inexperienced graduate garner the necessary work experience that will boost his chances of getting a good job?

Look for and Enroll into Graduate Trainee Programs

These days many big organizations run periodic training programmes and exercises for graduates with a view of retaining a few and leaving the rest with valuable work related experience they can use in further enhancing their career.
As a young graduate looking for opportunities successfully getting into a graduate trainee programme could make a huge difference in your career.

Offer to Work for Free

While many graduate job seekers will frown at this suggestion it is actually a low risk way of getting the needed experience to push your career further. Determine the particular type of career you wish to pursue and make applications to organizations in that field to work for them free and gain required experience. In several cases graduates who work for free in many organizations sooner than later get offered full employment when they prove themselves capable and job openings suitable for them become available.

Do Smart Volunteering

If you don’t have any experience volunteering for work at some local companies and organizations near you may help you get some needed skills and experience in your CV. However your volunteer work has to be relevant and equip you with relevant experience in line with your career goals. Volunteering to work in a fast food joint serving pizza and burgers will do little or nothing to help you secure the experience you need if you are looking for a financial/accounting position. If you volunteer however to work in the accounting section of the same fast food outlet it will prove to be a valuable addition to your CV.

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