National Identity Management Commission Invites Shortlisted Candidates for Interviews

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) – The Commission was established by the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007, with responsibilities for implementing the National Identity Management System; managing the National Identity Database; issuing General Multi-purpose (smart) Cards (GMPCs); and providing Identity Verification Services in Nigeria.

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) invites candidates who applied for the its Massive Nationwide Graduate & Experienced Recruitment 2012 to come for aptitude test. The positions were advertised in December, 2012.

Below is a sample text message sent by NIMC.


Dear Applicant,
Please print your exam slip for NIMC jobs from
Also come along with a valid ID to the exam center.

Some shortlisted candidates have been complaining that the exam center given to them is different from the preferred center they chose during the application. The commission says that due to the high volume of applications received and the available test centers for a computer based test it has not been possible to schedule all candidates for the test in their preferred locations. In order to conduct an orderly, timely and hitch free testing process HCP has scheduled candidates to take the tests in states other than their preferred locations. The Aptitude Test is starting on Saturday, 23rd February 2013 till March 2013.

For Candidates who applied for the recruitment they can Click here to print their Examination slip

For those who can’t remember their Reference Number (ARN) Click here to retrieve

NB: Candidates Should come along with a valid ID Card to the exam center.


  1. olamide salau says:

    Please I don’t remember applying fO̶̷̩̥̊͡Я these job. And I don’t remember my information anymore please can you help to get it?

  2. john says:

    Click on retrieve ur details, put in ur details and ur reference number will be there if Ɣoΰ applied

    • joy says:

      Hi house,I’ve bin invited for the exams by NIMC and I just found that the post I applied for requires 16 years work experience and I just have 1 year experience. Suggestions pls.Thanks.

  3. moji says:

    Pls is there a way we can get their past questions? Atleast to know what their exam looks like.

  4. Emeruom Chukwuka says:

    I am not really happy that such a very important exam like this is not well organized. How can someone who has no money and is looking for job be meant to spend close to N30,000.00 on transport and accommodation in order to write an aptitude test. How is he supposed to get the money?

    I am in Port Harcourt and had expected to write the test in Port Harcourt, but was surprised to see that my centre is at UNILORIN in Illorin, Kwara State and this will take me 1 day to go, 1 day for the test and another 1 day to come back to Port Harcourt, making a total of 3 days which by implication means 2 nights lodging expenses. Now tell me if it were you, would you participate? Well there is corruption in this country and I have seen it that there is also a possibility of using this as a strategy to deny some people of this opportunity otherwise for a national exercise like this, nothing can stop NIMC from making use of all the tertiary institutions in the country.

    • N. J says:

      My peopl, my own problem now is with my details I still can’t pull thru. I stay In port harcourt. And the so called exam starts on saturday which means I have just this night and tomorrow to try. Someone should pls help me out

    • mi says:

      yes thz is true..but we cant help..just go th and wrt d exams..
      I either was schdul for 28th to wrt in Ondo,FUTA..but we can’t..we hv to…best of Luck..u’l mk it.

  5. ifunanya michael says:

    my centre is @ ilorin, university of ilorin. whereas am in lagos. how do i go abt it.

  6. Precious says:

    Its a shame that we cannot get things right in this country.I was posted to kwara state without considering if i have the means to transport my self to the centre.I even sent an email to the authorities concerned but didn’t get a response and i just wonder for my country..Simple service we cannot render and really its a shame.
    Funny enough spending much money to my location to me its not worth it because its not even sure that the job is certain because i know how things work in this country.

  7. kayode oluwatosin D says:

    Hello sir/ma, can someone without a valid Id come with an international passport? Thanks

  8. big penis says:

    Chukwuka, dont you know that NIMC hired a private recruiting firm to handle the recuitment. So they went round the federation and found out that just a handle of our institutions can handle a computer based exam for the multitude that applied.i really understand your pain, but you must understand that they are not beging you to come, ARE YOU A LEARNER!!!! please brother, so if u can manage to get the money better for you bro. @moji, u b MUMU, do you think its WAEC you want to write?? @joy,y would u do such mistake….but if i were u, i will still go 4 d exam

  9. charles dike says:

    Emeruom Chukwuka you are damn right,such exams should be conducted in all the cities,not Ilorin all alone and am not even sure that its only exams that will be conducted,i am convinced that on or before the exams certain amount of money will be asked from the candidates and that is STEALING AND EXTORTION.Well I received the invitation to come to Ilorin for the text but am not going because of the risk on the road,my dear Emeruom Chukwuka,pls look for jobs around you and for get this Ilorin thing-..BLOOD RITUALISTS-

  10. mariam says:

    i dont have a valid id card can i do a court affidavit? or what should i do please

  11. @ big penis, I love ur courage and expressions. Some Nigerians are just an addictive complaints! Its simple, if chukwuka don’t wanna come lik u said they re not begging him.but if its to borrow money to travel for a wedding he will. @ Charles,U RE JUST A LEARNER!!! Keep Luking for a job dat is in ur street onli not just in ur state. And stop being a bad influence to peoiples positive thinking. People like u will stil complain even if its written in ur parlour. In life Charles, U WIN SOME N LOOSE SOME!

  12. Ogechi says:

    After d test wot step

  13. ohosi says:

    Hahaha. This is a wonderful job I jst check myt own now, and it has written since. On sunday. hahaha this country na wahoo I was posted to boko haran state, university of madugure to go and do wht. Hahaha frm edo state to madugure, imagine. Job wen teRe is no hope. Job wen them don share am 4 Abuja. Ogun kill una

  14. okeme says:

    I have gone and come back O. Make una de complain for there. Na una know. I pray our labour will not be in vain. Take heart everybody. One day our turn will come. Whether the devil like it or not, we too will eat the good of this land. Whether anybody like it or not we too will also share in the national cake. We no go school for nothing! Very soon our turn will come

  15. uloma says:

    Where can l see the short listed names

  16. Abegunde oluwafemi timothy says:

    i dont remember applying for the job

  17. paul says:

    The so called test we went for was not well organized at all.I could not stand the crowd,everybody was just struggling here and there,some applicant that came outside Lagos were looking frustrated and lost to the extent of seeking accomodation from strangers which is totally uncalled for.I personally ended up not writing the test cause of the crowded venue which was not well managed by the organizers’ where one of the Head there claimed that we shouldn’t spoil his business because of the way we were crowded(prospective applicants) in front of his office.So it was so disheaartening that we are having such issues hitting young and energetic Nigerians.God help us….

  18. omowunmi enoch olusegun says:

    latest news on nimc jobs

  19. St. ID says:

    Lets be hopeful since make up test is on rite, it implies that everyone that have formerly sit for the test have been shortlist listed for appointment.

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