Ever Tried Securing a Job With Just a 1 Page Proposal? Here’s How

It is believed by most jobseekers and career individuals that you must use the CV in all job applications. However this article is about letting you know that you can secure an interview and potentially a job offer using what we call a 1 page proposal (what most people may know as the Cover Letter).
The 1 page proposal comes in handy when embarking on creative unsolicited applications to prospective employers

What Do You Think About a Cover Letter?

To most people the cover letter is just a two sentence letter where they generally inform the prospective employer that they are applying for a particular advertised job and are attaching their CV for perusal by such employer.

However in today’s world the cover letter can be more powerful and creatively used. A cover letter can be used to explain to a potential employer why you are the best hand for a particular job. In fact you can use a very good letter for unsolicited job applications that can land you several interviews

Taking the Initiative: The story of a 22 Year Who Got a Job Offer Through a 1 Page Proposal

A certain young man about graduating from school decided to test some radical ideas he had read on how to get a job and wrote an engaging 1 page letter to the CEO of a prestigious hotel in his locality.
In his letter he introduced himself and requested that he be offered a position in the hotel as Digital Media/Creative Marketing Executive. He went on to write a compelling argument outlining how he would help the hotel utilize the various opportunities provided by the internet to improve the hotel’s bottomline and boost patronage.

He ended the letter with his contact details and promised to take only 5 minutes of the CEO’s time if he will invite him for a formal interview.
The young man after an engaging 30 minutes with the CEO got offered the position (mind you that position never existed before in that company).

The young man had a clear idea of his strengths and which organization he wanted to work for. Then he embarked on his own unique way of getting the attention of the person or persons who where in a position to offer him the job. The 1 page proposal was his strategy.

The 1 Page Proposal: For the Radically different

The 1 page proposal is meant for ambitious jobseekers who are not content with struggling with others for the few jobs available and have already an idea of what kind of job they want to do. They then go after those companies and try to get their argument in front of the persons that matter.

What You Can do
The increasingly popular use of online networking makes it a bit easier today than it was for the young man. Now you can virtually connect or follow top executives of many organizations and companies online, ask politely for their emails and send them a compelling 1 page proposal of what you can and will bring to their company if they give you a chance.

We call it a proposal because unlike normal application letters the purpose of this letter is to sell your abilities reveal to the prospective employer in clear and enticing terms what and how you will be improving their organization if you are hired. You are making your argument to be considered for a particular job and you showcase your ability to excel in that job. It doesn’t matter whether the job is not vacant or the position doesn’t even exist at the time. If you researched the organization well you would maybe have discovered areas where they will benefit from capable, innovative hands. Then you project yourself in your letter as someone they probably need and will benefit from.

And if they think you have enough value to benefit them you will be surely given a chance at a face to face interview.

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