The Real Reasons You haven’t Gotten a Job Yet

So you have been applying for several jobs with no success or any feedback, you begin to doubt yourself and the whole process. It’s easy to start feeling like there is something wrong with you or that the only way to get a job is to get a higher degree or a special certification but stop being worry about this fill out the job application form there is over 60 industries in which you can select an industry you want to work in.

However, there could be several reasons you aren’t hearing back after apply for jobs.

1. You have zero or little online presence:

How is your linkedin profile or ngcareers profile? Is it scanty? These days online presence is very important. Make sure you have a good professional looking profile picture with a smile on your face. You don’t want to appear too mean. Also, ensure that your linkedin and ngcareer profile is as specific, or even more specific than your resume. Your work experience should have bulleted lists under each job position indicating your contributions to the company.


2. Your social media posts

Check your privacy settings on your other social media accounts. Review your posts on social media, check if you have posts where you rants about unprofessional stuffs or pictures that projects your personality poorly. Change your privacy settings for those posts/pictures or delete so that potential employers won’t see them. I have seen some cases where candidates are dropped because of what they posted on their social media accounts. Remember that employers are doing some personality assessment just like the ones from


3. Your Resume is poorly structured and Noncompatible with ATS

Though modern ATS have powerful resume parsing capabilities, poorly structured and worded resume can be hurting your chances seriously. Most recruiters and employers use Application Tracking Systems to handle their recruitment, these ATS parse CVs to retrieve candidates data and filter applications based on the data obtained. When your CV is poorly structured or worded, the data retrieved will be incomplete or truncated. You can hire a professional to work on your CV or use our CV templates to structure yours.


4. You are applying to Companies that don’t value you.

Some companies have certain policies like hiring only people with first class or 2nd class upper, hiring only people from certain schools or hiring only people with certain physical attributes. Some recruiters filter out candidates when they have any kind of employment gap in their resume. These companies or recruiters will filter you out when your don’t align with their policies irrespective of your qualifications. In such cases, there is not much you can do except to apply only to companies where you are valued. Research companies that share similar values with you and apply to those companies. For example if you like working remotely, research companies that have a culture of remote work and apply to those companies.


5. You’re applying for positions that get a lot of applications.

Most advertised jobs at big companies get thousands of applications. When you apply to these companies it is extremely likely that your resume will end up at the bottom of the pile.
– Network and get referrals
– Look for contract, internship, or non paid volunteer roles in these companies. Usually, you get these through referrals.
– Start with smaller companies. It’s easier to get promoted and you can hone your skills.

You should know that Applying for jobs is like sales or dating. You have to keep putting yourself out there, when you face rejections, restrategize and keep trying until you succeed. When you succeed, value it and give your best, that way you can always have better career growth.

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  1. Taofik Akintunde says:

    Credit analyst

  2. Ndik Hyacinth says:

    Oh this is indeed a wonderful piece of advice that may have eluded me all these while in my bid to secure a job. I appreciate you all.

  3. Carol Onumonu says:

    Thank you so much for that piece,very enlightening

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