Number One Problem With Your Resume!

There is a very serious mistake most job seekers including you might be making. This problem according to some experts is the number one problem with resumes. It is not grammar or spelling mistake.
It is Unclear Job Description.

Most times when we list our work experiences we fail to properly describe our duties or what we actually did in simple terms. We also assume that the recruiter will be familiar with the companies we listed.

Your job description should tell the kind of company you worked. Your job title and decription should be clear, concised, detailed and easily understood. You should also list who you report to if applicable.
You also might be making mistake of copying the decription of your duties straight from the job description given to you by the company you worked for. Job descriptions are terrible at describing a job that needs to be done and even worse at describing what you did.

Tell distinctly what you did in simple terms that computers can pick up as key words.

For example if worked as a Consultant or Data Analyst think about these things:

  • What type of data did you analyze?
  • What type of presentations?
  • What were the key decisions that your data helped influence?
  • Did you develop these reports or just take over the task from someone else?
  • Were there any complex legal requirements for reporting that you had to comply with/understand?
  • Did these reports result in increased sales/decreased costs/some other good thing?

Your resume should not be long and complex it should be such that any educated person should be able to look at your resume and at least have some idea what you did. A computer should be able to latch onto key words that actually indicate your experience.

A resume is a marketing document. Ensure that the reader knows what you are selling.

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  1. @dmegy. says:

    can u help me to design my resuming

  2. Seyi Abidemi says:

    Please, isn’t there any job for the ND or Diploma holders?

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