Five Social Media Strategies to Getting a New Job

Several years ago searching and looking for jobs was more of looking through newspaper ads and who you know. While the aspect of who you know has not yet changed in the job industry the coming of the internet has given job seekers more tools and power to determine how to get the job they want.

In this age of internet and social media making connections have become easier and smart career focused individuals can take advantage of the possibilities of internet to increase their chances of getting a good job.

Here are five ways any job seeker can use the internet and social media in searching and getting that next job;

Go on LinkedIn and Connect With Professionals and Employers

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website. As it becomes more popular in Nigeria you can find many business managers, CEOs, and professionals on LinkedIn. Among all the social networks in use today Linkedin is the most career focused.

Create a profile for yourself and make sure it contains clear and truthful information about your work. Find and connect with individuals who work in the sector you are interested in. As you make more useful connections exchange useful information with them and ask for tips and useful information on the type of jobs you are seeking for. Never turn to a pest on social media asking your connections to give you a job.
I have contacted a couple of people for interview via Linkedin just because I looked at their profile and felt they have the skills and experience to work for us. So make sure you create a profile that will reflect and attract people to tell you about suitable jobs

Make Your Twitter Account Professional

If you use Twitter make sure you don’t use it the same way you use Facebook. Twitter can be a great way to follow people and companies you like to work for and get updates from them. Learn as much as you can about your potential industry and make useful tweets with you account. Respond intelligently to tweets by people and companies you admire and you stand a chance of getting noticed as a good candidate to hire.

Use Job Search Tools

If you are searching for relevant jobs to the course you read or qualifications you have a good way is to use job search sites like Ngcareers. You can also subscribe to email updates based on categories so you are alerted when the type of jobs you want become available.

Make Your Online Image Look Professional

These days before a company hires somebody especially if the job is an important one they check out the background of the person. Today’s web world has made it easier to check someone’s background. Be sure that when you are searched for on Facebook or Twitter that your profile looks professional. Never waste your time posting dirty images and pictures on your wall because your Facebook wall shows the prospective employer the kind of person you may be.

Use Videos

Youtube has become the most popular means of getting viral video out there. Some types of jobs benefit from using Youtube. If for instance you are looking for a great marketing, interpreter job or any job that can be illustrated by showing your ability on video you can use Youtube to create short videos about yourself and why you are a good candidate for that type of job you want. Share your videos through facebook, twitter and various relevant groups on LinkedIn. If your video gets picked up by the right people you could get calls for interview and possible new job.

Searching for a job in today’s world requires out-of-the-box thinking creativity and using the tools provided by the internet as listed in this article can help you fast track your job search.

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