Job Scammers on Rampage! How to Avoid Being Scammed

Oh My Gosh I have been Scammed!!
The increasing number of job scams across the country is becoming frightening, from fake employers to fake recruitment agencies who are out to scam you of your hard earned money all in the name of giving you a job. This post is to enlighten you so that you will be careful and never fall a victim.

The number of fake job adverts we receive has increased over the last few months, while they don’t make it to our site due to screening involved before we publish vacancies, some sites out there may not do such screening. As a job seeker you don’t have to be desperate, you have to be smart and on alert.

We will break this post into 3 series, this first part will show you have to identify fake job adverts, the second will show you how identify fake employment letters being circulated around. Third part will show you what to do if you have been scammed.

How to identify fake job adverts

Look at the job details/description
Before applying for any job, you should look at the job details; watch the tone of the job description. Most fake jobs advertisers don’t disclose the position or job title they advertise. In event they disclose it, they always list as many jobs as possible with little or no description and with very low requirements.

See sample job advert below
[docstoc docId=”142937584″ mId=”14806338″ width=”600″ height=”550″ slideMode=”false” showRelatedDocs=”true” showOtherDocs=”true” allowdownload=”true” url=””]Sample Fake Job Listing Nigeria[/docstoc]

Look at the company Name/details
The recent trend among fake job advertisers (based on fake job submissions we receive on our site) is to claim a company outside the country. Sometimes they use valid company names but use email addresses or websites that doesn’t relate to the company.
As a job seeker, any vacancy you see, look at the company advertising, if possible do a little background check on the company. Sometimes big companies use HR agencies to recruit, in that case research on the HR company and know if they have track record. Note some companies advertise vacancies as anonymous, so as to avoid external influence on the recruitment process. However, which ever is the case, DO NOT PAY ANY COMPANY OR PERSON FOR INTERVIEW OR JOB OFFER. A genuine employer won’t ask you to pay before you get employed.

Below is sample fake job advert from a person claiming to be a representative of a company in America.
Virtual human resources is an American based nutritional company now based in Nigeria. It is a health maintaining outfit committed to the delivery of high quality health information aimed at promoting sustainable healthy living.
Interested applicants should send their names, numbers and qualifications to or to 07036594806.[/Normal_Box]

Just like everything we do in this life, risks are involved, it is left for you as a person to manage these risks. Be careful with your job search don’t be desperate. Do not put your self in position to be scammed. Watch out for the second series – How to identify fake employment letters

Have you identified fake job adverts before? Have you been scammed? Drop your comments below let others learn from you.

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