7 Things to Look For in a Job Offer

You’ve received a job offer. Now what? If you already know you’re not interested in working with a company, you can toss that job offer aside. If you already have your mind made up that you want to work for that company, your job offer will either confirm and deny your instincts. Even if things seem perfect, check the job offer to get a glimpse of the full picture of what’s to come.

1. Starting Salary

Starting salary is important, but it’s not necessarily the most important aspect of a job offer. You need to be sure that the starting salary is, at the very least, enough. If it’s less than you were making previously, you’ll need to think long and hard about whether starting at a pay cut is worth it. If the salary is higher, make sure you won’t wind up spending more on a lengthier commute or other expenses that might stifle the full potential of that salary.


2. Career Trajectory and Opportunities

Are you accepting what would amount to a dead end job? Do you know where you are in the organizational hierarchy, and furthermore, will you be able to climb up higher within the company from that position? If you’re not looking to run the place someday, these opportunities may not matter much to you. Despite that, it’s worth noting that advancements in the workplace typically come with pay raises and other benefits, just look at the recent vacancies in Malta, perfect for developing your career.


3. Benefits

Benefits need to be weighed against a salary. If the salary is great and the benefits are not, consider how much you’ll wind up paying out of pocket for insurance. If the salary is lower but you’re getting excellent insurance, it might be worthwhile to jump on board – you would have spent a fortune on great insurance, and things balance out in the end.


4. Resources Made Available to You

If the company has a history of promoting from within, they likely have resources for their employees that allow them to make that move. Workplace training, mentorship programs, and even tuition reimbursement come in handy when you’re looking to commit yourself to a career. Even if you aren’t working at the same place ten years from now, you’ll be a better professional for having taken advantage of those resources.


5. Valuable Workplace Perks

A lot of workplaces have wellness programs or similar schemes to help their employees. This is usually because the whole company benefits from employee health. Healthy people take less sick days and cost less on health insurance, so many companies like to provide their employees with a campus gym, discounted gym memberships, healthy snacks, and opportunities to get active.


6. Work Environment and Expectations

The bottom line is this: is what you have to do worth what you’re getting? The salary might be great, but if it seems as though you’re going to be stuck working 75 hours a week to get everything done, you’re going to come to resent the position very quickly. Be sure that you understand what is being expected of you and that the environment is conducive to your completion of that work.


7. Things That Weren’t Previously Mentioned to You

Sometimes, you’re going to find great things that weren’t mentioned when you found the position listed on a job board. Other times, you’re going to find stipulations and small pieces of information that were never directly mentioned to you. Make sure nothing in the job offer is a cause for concern. If you feel as though things have been misrepresented to you or important details have been glazed over, it may not be worthwhile to place trust in that employer. If you are looking for new job options, check this link which offers offshore jobs in Thailand.


Every job offer will come with pros and cons. If things are almost perfect, don’t be afraid to negotiate.  It’s important to thoroughly research the company to determine if you’ll succeed with them. Always trust your gut – if you see yourself being unhappy soon, hold out for a better offer.





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