How to Know a Great Boss When You Meet One (Especially If You Are New to The Job)

In your career it is very likely that you will work for quite very few great bosses. Getting to work for a great manager isn’t something that happens every day.

If you are new in a job or just got interviewed by your potential boss here’s how to know if she will be a great boss.

She Tells You Things as They Are

When you meet a manager who during your first interactions tells you plainly the difficulties you may be facing at your new job instead of painting a non-existent glossy picture you may be getting a boss who respects the feelings of her team. Forthrightness is a big part of building trust in the workplace so a great boss will most likely point things out to you without mincing words to help you get the real information you need to excel in your new job.

She is Strict but Shows Empathy

Many people mistake strictness with a lack of human empathy. Strictness may mean that your boss is a stickler for performance and does not condone frivolous excuses. You know you have a boss who will improve you as a person when she demands quality performance, deny you frivolous requests from the onset but takes the time to explain to you why she takes those decisions on your requests. A good boss will not give you time off without a very viable reason and she will insist that you put up your best possible work.

She Leads By Example

You know you have a great boss when she works harder than anyone and then tells everyone to work hard. You know you have a great boss when she is the first in the office and one of the last to leave. You see your boss putting in her best then you don’t need to be told to put in your best.

She is Interested in Your Development

A great boss will ask you questions concerning your performance and suggest things you can do to improve. You know you have a great boss if she shows interest and suggests ways to make you the best developer, accountant, marketer etc in the company. You can see how proud she is when you put out great results from your work. She notices any day you look sullen and withdrawn and wants to know what is affecting your work rate instead of shouting on you.

She is Open to Communication

Great bosses manage through an open door policy. They encourage their team members to communicate freely on any issues bordering the workplace. They know that creating an encouraging atmosphere for ideas from their staff is a great way to know the state of the organisation’s people and get them working at their best. A great boss responds to your email and listens carefully to feedback or suggestions you give her.

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