N-Power List of Shortlisted Candidates 2017

N-Power (npower.gov.ng) List of Shortlisted Candidates 2017 is out! Candidates can now check their names on N-Power website for the list of successfully shortlisted candidate names for pre-selection 2017.

Below is how to check the npower list for your pre-selection statusPlease follow instructions carefully.


  1. Please long on to N-power website at  www.npower.gov.ng
  2. Click on “check your pre-selection status
  3. In the search box, type in your name or phone number or email address or BVN
  4. If you have been pre-selected by N-Power, your name will pop up
  5. You will receive sms and email from N-Power congratulating you on your pre-selection
  6. Next you prepare for N-Power physical verification between November 27th – December 8th, 2017

If you experience any challenges, please call any of N-Power call center lines/numbers below for help.


  • 09060000445
  • 09060000446
  • 09060000447
  • 09060000448
  • 09060000449
  • 09060000450
  • 09060000451
  • 09060000452
  • 09060000453
  • 09060000454
  • 09055555960
  • 09055555961
  • 09055555962
  • 09055555963
  • 09055555964
  • 09055555965
  • 09099998401
  • 09099998402
  • 09099998403

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  1. jamilua garba abdullahi says:

    The porpose of enpower is to enpower those who are jobless why employees arew among the gainers?

  2. Ibrahim Musa says:

    Thanks for updating us.

  3. oriowo adetutu says:

    i just want to check if am short listed.

  4. uzoma ahumibe says:

    pls i did npower agro,the list released does it comprise all or do we still wait for release of npower tax,agro and health?

  5. Grace Folami says:

    Please I applied for npower agro & my name has not been shortlisted, do I still wait for another list to be released or all the shortlisted names have been released already?

  6. Please i have Applied for more than 3 times now but my name did not come out

  7. AkinjolaAkindayo says:

    Pls I was unable to trace my name in the Npower preelection.Does that means that I have no been selected.After all effort to check the last npvn processes.pls should I wait for the next selection pls.

  8. daniel dada says:

    Please sir/ma, this is the second time am applying for npower teach, and my name not yet listed please do I need to wait for another batch?

  9. Anthonia odigie says:

    I applied for breach and my name has not be shortlisted, please what do I do

  10. Nzei Norista says:

    Helo good afternoon my name is Nzei Norista I apply for blower last I don’t know how to check it if my name is out

  11. Nzei Norista says:

    Helo good afternoon my name is Nzei Norista I apply for npower last year I don’t know how to check it if my name is out

  12. Mr E says:

    This government is total failure

  13. Patrick patience odiobara says:

    Please i want to check the list of shortlisted candidates 2017,i don’t know how

  14. gbenga says:

    pls wot is d updates about npower since december last year

  15. Mosobalaje iyabo says:

    My name is not among the shortlisted list pls do something.thanks 08065040296

  16. Monday Adebanwo says:

    how can i apply

  17. EVuetapha .o. says:

    I am pleading with the Government to please leave the 2016 set of Npower to continue working even after the 2 years because the 30,000 has being helping along way . Plz don’t stop it. For thier is no job any where. Don’t allow us to go back to the Labour market. We still appreciate the amouth even when it is not enough to acquire all our want but at less it settle so many things . This has help many youth not to go into rubbering and prostitution. Don’t not take this bread from us.plz. things are very hard. God will continue to bless yhe Government and all the persons that supported this Npower initiative. Thanks.

  18. Laz says:

    Good-day,now that we are done with physical verification,why have N-Power not posted us and also why the delay?

  19. Otobong udom says:

    I have not received text or email but I just checked and am told that I will be called. Please what should I do now

  20. Adeyemi julius says:

    pls i am still expecting my shortlisted for my N-POWER till now


    Please kindly check if my name is among the shortlist in N-power 2017/2018 bag

  22. Ifuka Evelyn says:

    Please I help me so that my name will be one of the shortlisted candidate please sir or madam

  23. Good day sir,my name is onwu Shedrach Adole,I had registered for n power 2017/2018,I wrote exam successful, but iam not selected,please Sir, help me by select me thanks.

  24. Bekind says:

    I receive SMS on my phone that am successfull on npower, but can nt checked it on net

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