Job Application Mistakes to Avoid and How to Increase Chances of Being Called for Interviews

If you are seeking better career opportunities and have consistently sent in applications for job vacancies without getting positive response (such as being invited for interviews) then this article might help you.

Mistakes Most Job seekers Make While Applying for Jobs

Through our job search site we have discovered that many applicants and candidates are responsible for the low response to their job applications.

During a recent test we carried out on how candidates apply to jobs in Nigeria we came to discover the following

Many Candidates Do not Bother to Include Well Written Cover Letter to their Applications

Where Cover Letters are Used They are Barely up to Three Lines and Do not Tell Anything USeful ABout the Candidate

The CVs sent in for Applications are Mostly Not Suited for the Job Being Applied to

These were most of the noticed errors made by jobseekers who apply to jobs on our Job site.

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting Called for Interviews When You Apply for Jobs

Below we go straight to the point and note down several key actions to take when next you are applying for jobs to ensure your application success rate increases significantly;

1. Quality and not Quantity Counts

Many candidates seem to think that the more jobs they apply for the better their chances of getting invited for interviews. Nothing can be more deceiving. You may submit 200 applications to 200 different jobs per week and still get zero invitations because your applications are not targeted. You are simply sending the same CV for every job you see and the chances that your CV will impress the recruiters are very slim.

It is better you make a list of three or four jobs that you wish to apply for where you are confident that your current qualifications, experience and skills stand you in good stead. When you focus on these four job types it helps you focus on creating a CV that will be highly attractive to those kind of jobs.

When next you start searching for latest jobs in Nigeria to apply to don’t be tempted to apply for every job you see. Stick to applying for jobs that match your CV (the qualifications, experience and skills you have).

2. Check Your CV Before Applying for That Job

Most people rarely look through their CV (just to be sure it will impress the employer for that particular job) and just download from their email folder to submit. Next time check through your CV and compare it against the job you are applying for. Does it look good enough for the job in its current state? Does it need some little adjustments to make it more relevant?

While we advise against putting false information in your CV (more on CV padding latter) note that you can create different CVs each with a unique strength for a particular job. Always try to see if there are little changes you can make to your CV for each job application especially if the job you are applying to is different from the type of job you have previously used your CV to apply for.

Cross checking your CV will help you see if there are errors or irrelevant information in the CV that will affect its performance in that particular submission.

3. Write a Brief but Powerful Cover Letter

Do not submit your applications without an accompanying cover letter (unless clearly stated by the job advertiser). In cases where an employer gets too many applications your Cover Letter is a powerful tool to draw their attention and make them take a look at your CV.

What a Good Cover Letter Should Contain;

– After the greeting introduce yourself as briefly and accurately as possible.
– Next state briefly that you are applying for the stated job vacancy and outline why you think you are a good fit for the job
– Close strongly outlining your skills and experience for the job.

Find a sample of a good Cover Letter below (never copy exactly in your applications)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Chris Okon. I hold a degree in information Technology from the University of Calabar and a certificate in Web Development from the New Horizons Learning Center.

I apply for the position of Web Developer/Designer as advertised by your organisation.

As someone enthusiastic about creating great, pleasing development work I believe the position is a great one to contribute to the growth of your organisation.

My experience for the job include;

– Web Developer for Insight Technologies where I developed and led a team that managed over 25 design & development projects for various clients with 100% satisfaction rate
– Developer of several projects for private clients (including churches and educational institutions)

My experience in coming up with various angles to a design project and ability to work under schedule stand me in good stead to meet and surpass your expectations.

I am quick and eager to learn and promise to put in my utmost best if considered for the job.

Find attached my CV and other relevant documents


Chris Okon

A carefully written Cover Letter (while others just send in their CVs only) will indicate to the recruiter that you have actually taken the time to go through the vacancy advertised and that you are serious about being considered for the job.

Try the above tips from today and watch the response you get when you apply for jobs.


  1. Simeon Ocheje says:

    “Many Candidates Do not Bother to include well written cover Letter to their Applications” Sir, calling Application here i gues you mean CV/Resume?

  2. Anne Collins says:

    For someone with no job experience, how should such a one write his or her cover letter?

  3. Ikakke says:

    Thanks so much for this piece. I need a workable CV. I need ur assistance but the price should be very pocket friendly as I am jobless and have very little income. Inbox is preferred for reply

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