How to Stand out during your Job Search: A Guick Guide

In a competitive job market, it can be hard to get interviews. When you do get those interviews, it can be heart-breaking to get the call telling you someone else got the job. Sometimes it’s a case of simply not standing out enough. Here is a quick guide on standing out to recruiters and interviewers, and making the impression that gets the job.


Polish your resume

To start with, no one is going to be paying much attention to a dull resume. Make sure that it stands out by applying a few techniques. First, don’t be afraid to play with your layout and make it more personalised. For example, if you have a portfolio website for your own work, you could set up the colour scheme of your resume to replicate that. Think of yourself as a brand, and present a document with that in mind. Make sure to highlight your skills and experience in a way that makes them memorable – don’t allow your achievements to read like just another entry in a list.

Be active and vocal

Don’t be quiet about the fact that you are looking for a job. If you don’t want your employer to know that you are looking, set up new profiles on networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re currently between jobs or have already agreed to move on, promote yourself shamelessly. Use hashtags and post about the fact that you are looking for a new challenge. Use positive wording and make it clear that you are passionate about your industry. While you wait for recruiters to notice you, consider reaching out to them via DMs or replies to their posts. You may just impress someone enough to hear about a job opening that hasn’t been advertised yet.

Have a personality

Too many candidates think that you need to be bland and sensible to get a job. That isn’t the case at all. Recruiters are normally looking for someone who will fit in well with company culture and will get on with their co-workers. Be interesting, informative, and entertaining. This applies for your cover letter, your interview, and even your social media posts. You can bet anything that interviewers will be checking your profile, so let them see what you are like. Be sensible, too: don’t use profanity or share controversial views. Be you, on a good day.


Do your research

Don’t go into an interview or talk to a recruiter without knowing your stuff. Research the company you are applying for and learn as much as possible about the role that they are expecting you to fill. They will be far more impressed if you are able to ask questions about the company’s recent merger or their latest big deal. Doing your homework shows that you are ready to tackle the role head-on, and that you can be relied upon as a self-starter.


Go the extra mile

Wherever you can, try to do more than the other candidates who might be applying for roles. Go to a night school or study online to gain extra qualifications for your work. Turn up to any interviews early, not on time. Always ask questions to show that you are interested, and rehearse your interview responses until you can answer everything flawlessly. Buy a new suit. Get a haircut. Do absolutely everything in your power to make it more likely you will get a job, and you will increase your chances hugely.


Making yourself stand out is half the battle, so make sure that you have the skills and knowledge to back up your applications. You’ll see success in no time.


Michelle Arios works as Marketing Assistant for– New Zealand business database

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