Job Prospects and Opportunities for Business Administration and Management Graduates in Nigeria

Business Management and Administration is a vast field of study that equips students with the knowledge and information on business matters and develops the student’s practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. Running in most universities and higher institutions for four years it is a program that includes general business courses and designed to give a broad view of the functional areas of a company and the interconnections of business while also allowing for specialization in a particular area.

Some schools offer it as business management or business administration while in some others it is combined as business management and administration.

Specializations offered under Business management and administration include;

– Finance
– Accounting
– Entrepreneurship
– Human Resource Management
– International Business
– Operations Management
– Marketing
– Public Relations
– Management Information Systems

Definition and Nature of Work

The field of business management involves working with people – hiring, training, coordinating, and creating an effective environment for the attainment of organizational objectives.

Employment Opportunities

Smart Business management and administration graduates can work across many sectors since the factors of management of human, financial and material resources are the core of all business organisations and even non-profit outfits. Business Management graduates can work as business managers, operation managers, program manager/officer, administrative officer and a host of other managerial and administrative positions.

Graduates can also seek careers in other business related areas such as Marketing (business development, PR, sales/marketing etc), Finance (accounting, account management, investments etc).

Opportunity Industries and Sectors

Some of the sectors and industries where graduates of business management can secure jobs include;

– Media & Communications
– Consulting
– Financial & Investment Institutions
– Manufacturing/Production
– Hospitality/Tourism
– NGOs/Agencies and so many more industries

Virtually all business organisations and non-profits have positions for managers and administrators so the opportunities for business management graduates are only limited by the imaginations of the job sseker.


  1. omebighe stanley says:

    I graduated as a business administration and management student with second class upper division. Only to discover that much employer will not employ you if you do not get financial qualification, this is why I am writing Ican to give me at edge. So my answer is yes and no

  2. iheanyi says:

    Business admin is a nice course

  3. Jeremiah says:

    wht kind of job can a graduate of business admin do in a petroleum industry?

  4. bernard says:

    am pursuing business management am at my 3rd year now. I’ve noted many job are managerial is advisable for one to to it.

    • ngcareers says:

      Most managerial jobs require substantial work experience. However, entry level positions like Admin Officer, Junior Manager, and trainee positions exist for freshers. You can always build up your career from there.

      You can also consider entrepreneurship.

  5. Oladele Temitope says:

    Wat of business can a business admin student set up nd be successful?nd can he or her work as a human resources in a company?

  6. Micheal okoro says:

    Am still in the secondary school.. And am thinking of a good course to study… But i like business administration…pls… Help out with a course dat i will study … As a social_science student.

  7. Taiwo Abiodun says:

    Great As A Business Admin. How Can I Revive A Dead Company. Please Need A Step By Step Quide

  8. Yusuf abdullahi says:

    Today I justify my intention to be a good manager at the same time an administrator.nice to have you.thanks

  9. Damilare says:

    pls i wnt to study buis admin…aw is d course….is it good n nice to study?

  10. IDRIS BASHIR says:


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