How You Can Find a Job Through Your Church

Job searching has gone beyond just applying to vacancies displayed on newspapers, online job boards or local recruitment agencies. These days with increasing competition for very few available jobs, you need to apply out-of-the-box strategies to quickly land a good job without hassle. Today am exposing a very common but often overlooked recruitment ground that has helped many get very juicy jobs; Church.

Most people just go to church to worship. They come quietly and go quietly without taking time to socialize with their fellow worshippers.

One of my friends who just graduated early last year got his first job in a top bank through a friend at the church who works in the bank. Immediately he graduated, he told the members of the youth forum of his church. Being a very active member of the forum, within weeks he was alerted of various internal vacancies in various companies and he finally chose the bank job.

People are more comfortable recommending people they know and people of the same belief with them to positions. Because they, already know their capabilities and most importantly they can always vouch for them.

One of the first steps you should take today is telling your fellow worshippers that you are looking for particular kind of jobs. Take time to mingle with them, make them close friends. Take is from there, then it will be left for you to prove yourself when you are invited for interview.

Have you got a job through your church? What was your experience? Lets hear from you, post your comment below.

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