APPLY for Sterling Bank 2016 Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YEDP)

Sterling Bank Plc “the one-customer bank” is a full service national commercial bank in Nigeria. At Sterling Bank, our customers are our number one priority and we value their feedback and ideas. We’ve made sure there are plenty of ways to stay in touch.
Applications are invited for:

Sterling Bank 2016 Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YEDP)


Sterling Bank YIEDP Programme – YIEDP stands for Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship Development Programme. The Programme is aimed at harnessing the latent entrepreneurial spirit among the teeming youths by providing timely and affordable loans to implement their business ideas.
Qualified Business Sectors

  • Agro-Allied
  • Food Processing / Preservation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Manufacturing / Cottage Industry
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Construction Support
  • Power & Energy
  • Education & Financial Inclusion
  • Film & Photography
  • Automobile
  • Others


The following categories of youth (aged 18 – 35) are eligible under this scheme:

  • Serving youth corps members
  • Non-NYSC (not more than 5 years post NYSC)

The details below are relevant for all eligible youth:

  • Eligible youth can apply for the loan using his/her NYSC State Code.
  • Applications can be made as an Individual or as a group (of 3-5 applicants with similar business interest)
  • A single applicant can access up to a facility limit N3m while group project jointly owned by 3-5 qualified beneficiaries can access up to a facility limit of N10m.
  • Security: Graduate entrepreneurs will use their tertiary institution(s) certificate(s) and their NYSC discharge certificate. Serving Corp members will pledge their NYSC discharge certificate and their tertiary institution(s) certificates(s).
  • Also, legal ownership of assets financed by the Bank and 3rd party guarantors will be requested as additional collateral from all entrepreneurs.

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  1. Ansa John says:

    How can one apply please?

  2. Okoibu Anietie says:

    Great ideas

  3. MOSES says:



  5. bamidele Olusola says:

    Pls am interested, ao can I apply.

  6. Abuh Godwin says:

    I am very much interested, but I finished my NYSC about 9 years ago.
    Can your organisation make provisions for youth like us whom have been struggling to survive after several years of graduation.
    Agro Allie sector is where am specialized.

  7. Abdulraheem-ismail, Qudrah says:

    What is the mode of application? Can I just walk into any sterling bank and apply?

  8. Ojona says:

    I am very much interested, how can I apply?

  9. adekunle says:

    am rili appreciate this ideals bt pls wen there is vacancy in sterling bank pls msg me.i jst graduate 3yrs back nothing specific doing pls.

  10. Asika Ebby says:

    Am ready for ur entrepreneur youth development. Pls include me

  11. monday ogala says:

    I have read about it and i am ready for ur entrepreneurship development program. pls include my name

  12. Oleh Godwin says:

    I just finished NYSC last month… Am interested

  13. Umar says:

    How can I apply pls.

  14. Umar says:

    How can I apply pls…..,…,…….,……….

  15. Orji Theresa says:

    How can I apply?am interested in opening a nursery,primarily school here in Port Harcourt. Thanks.

  16. Kalu ifeanyichukwu says:

    How can one apply?

  17. Oleh Godwin says:

    I am fully interested….

  18. Augustine says:

    I want to participate full-time in Agriculture.Please hint me the application processes.

  19. ADAMS SAMUEL says:


  20. amos says:

    the same question here how can apply pls

  21. JOHNBRIGHT says:

    This is a wonderful idea. can a graduate with exemption certificate apply.

  22. JOHNBRIGHT says:

    This is a wonderful idea. can a graduate with exemption certificate apply? Also how can one apply please ?

  23. mnena Anyagher says:

    Can I go to any sterling bank to apply?

  24. ameh emmanuel says:


  25. Nchor Paulina says:

    Please how do I go about the application?

  26. achimugu stephen says:

    I am interested but how do I apply ?

  27. Nwaobilor Onyinyechi says:

    Pls I am interested , how can I apply

  28. Loveth says:

    A link on how to apply

  29. EJEPE LYNDAd A says:

    Am interested old how do I apply

  30. EJEPE LYNDAd A says:

    I want to apply, but do I go about it

  31. Adedara E. Ajayi says:

    Am interested, how can I apply?

  32. Abubakar Ibn Umar says:

    I want to be informed when the programs started

  33. ATOLAGBE says:

    Please , how can i apply?

  34. Romwilliams says:

    Please kindly oblige me on this. I am interested . Thanks

  35. Olubusayomi says:

    Please I am interested. How do i apply

  36. odiphri says:

    please, is there still privileged to apply for the loan? if so, what do you mean by legal ownership of asset finance by the bank?

  37. Grace says:

    Served 2012can I apply I really need this please keep me update

  38. Adeniyi Michael says:

    A serving Corp member. How can I apply

  39. king says:

    Please where and how can we apply?

  40. desty says:

    Read carefully is not free of charge.collaterall is involve too,

  41. sarahash says:

    can NCE apply?

  42. Nse Emmanuel says:

    Am ready for the program. how do I apply ??

  43. Halima says:

    Please how can i apply? I am very much interested

  44. Akande Joy says:

    Email me when recruiting please.

  45. Adegoke bola says:

    I do i apply,am interested

  46. Uchegbu Cojeck Precious says:

    I applied since last year, I haven’t seen a notification about it. Please how do I check the shortlisted list… Email me @ [email protected]. Thanks

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