Red Alert! 8 Things Never to Wear to A Job Interview

First impressions, they say, matter. This is truer in job interviews. It is important to create an impression with your interviewers that will pass you across a serious candidate. It makes the rest of the interview easier if they get comfortable with your person immediately you step into the room.
What you wear, how you wear it and how you carry yourself will all factor in determining how they rate you ate first sight.

Avoid these eight common fashion mistakes and never wear these things when going for your next interview;

1. Tattoos
Nothing will turn off your interviewers (especially if itsa corporate job) than you turning up with countless tattoos showing all over your arm and neck. If you must join the tattoo crowd be sure to draw your tattoos in hidden parts of your body where they aren’t likely to be seen. The workplace is not a rap zone and having visible tattoos will send out the wrong message about your seriousness as a candidate.

2. Baggy Wears
It is important that you look smart and wear clothes that fit your body size. Putting on baggy trousers is a no when going for an interview. Same for big T-shirts, sweaters and cardigans

3. Sneakers/Flip flops
Your footwear is important as the interviewers will invariably look at your feet when you walk in. Wearing sneakers, canvass shoes, flip flops and other hippy sort of footwear will count against you unless you are coming for a comedy audition

4. Short Skirts/Tight Pants
Most especially for ladies you may be tempted to dress too sexy. However the mix of the interviewers mean that some may definitely be pissed off if you appear in a too short skirt or too tight pants that show off just about too much. Your interview could be ended before it ever started. Dress in a modest and official mode.

5. Long Nails/Wild Nail Polish
Since you aren’t going for a modeling /cat walking contest appearing with longish nails and nails painted in wild polish will create the wrong impression about you.

6. Old Worn Out Suit
Many people seem to think that they must wear a suit to interviews and so they repeatedly wear that same worn out suit they have to all their job interviews. Instead of wearing an old, tired suit you can still look smart and business like in a simple and clean long sleeve shirt tucked into well fitting and smooth trousers.

7. Red Briefcase, Red Shoe

If you want to be on the safe side go to the interview with conservative colours of shoe, suitcase etc

8. Leather Jackets
Those will look like you are going for an outdoor affair. Keep it simple and smart by wearing just good shirts or if you must wear a jacket official and business jackets will be better.


  1. Hi Paul, great article for job candidates!

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