Should I Accept This Big Job Offer? Pls Advice!

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I am a software developer, I create amazing things for companies; I have a good portfolio of projects I have developed, my applications are used by hundreds of thousand of Nigerians. I prefer to keep a low profile and my identity hidden.
I’m presently working for a start-up company that has a very huge prospect. This is my Six(6) months of employment and I developed an amazing web portal for the company in the said time. Truth of the matter, no one believed the web portal was ever done in Nigeria because businessmen/employers in the business or domain underestimate local talents; they believe so much in Indian/US software developers. I stopped the company from paying $68,000 to software development company in India. The web portal is now LIVE and we’re having huge traffic and good remark about the website.

I am currently earning about N200K monthly, and our competitor is offering me N350K monthly. My boss found out about the offer and call me to a man-to-man private meeting and offer me a N50K salary increment, housing allowance of N500K yearly and 2 Week vacation to Dubai.

I presently work in Abuja, while the offer is in Lagos. I love Abuja, but I have feelings for the N350K offer.

Am afraid of moving to Lagos due to family problems, however it can be prevented If I stay away. Also am still an undergraduate, although I can transfer my study centre to Lagos.

Should I stay with my current employer or move with the new offer?

Some Notable advises

Philomath1212: Your current boss sincerely know your worth.
In my own little experience, the fact that he swiftly provided further benefits for you, please stay with him.
Sir, everything is not about money, value counts alot. Since you are still young there (6months), think of career development, later a bigger offer worth millions will come and you never can tell where your current boss will stand in gap for you.
Most organizations conduct BC which gives one’s former employer leverage to say what one is.

“First what is the prospect of the new organization ?
if they are stable, move.
it is not about the money.

Your Boss will never forgive you for ever thinking of moving to a competitor.
Forget the housing allowance and the 50k increment and Dubai ish.

Your boss will simply prepare for your exit and u might never collect any of that allowance.
Let me hint you how it will be done and u can quote me any where . I have seen this happen multiple times.

He will take a new intern who will under study you. The guy would be paid way less and the smart guy will show so much competence that your boss will start feeling like you are over paid. That is where the regret will start from.

Once u say goodnight !!!!! Fight the Law of INERTIA and move on.

(I am talking to u as a senior in that field and when I say senior I meant I have over 10years experience in the same field and of course earning more than twice ur new offer in the worst month of the year)

If I may ask u ? What are u doing in a One Man Company if you have such skill set?

thesicilian: seems it will pay you more staying at your current job, when you consider
– initial cost of housing in Lagos
– cost in time & money of transferring your study to Lagos
– Dubai vacation
– You prefer abuja
– peace of mind from family

9japrof: I can’t come out straight to give you a direct advise since I do not have information into some factors.

The truth is that if your boss can put all his contract offer into writing it would be worth considering if these conditions are satisfied:

you have a conducive working environment where you are been dignified and giving your utmost respect and regard (most private companies treat their workers like poo)

You see yourself growing career wise, also them allowing you to attend conference and workshops in your field( because trust me that’s what you need).

The loyalty of your boss could be another factor, there are bosses that want the best for their staff, they can’t go to any length to make you happy. If you have a boss that is not just a boss but a friend then bros reconsider what extra bucks in another company is planning on taking away from you.

After considering this factors and you still consider is time for a career change, that is still wonderful. you don’t owe any organization any loyalty and what matters most is your self development.

Wish you all the best but also put in mind the saying that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know make you no do mistakes that Nigerians did by voting out a “clueless govt” and changing it with something worse.

1ManSoja: Bro. I think deep down, you know what you should do. I am a firm believer in building a track record/reputation and the leveraging on that. It is not always about money. You are already a star at your current place of employment which is why the competition came calling.

I would say, become a megastar before the next jump – enjoy the fruit of your achievement (the Web portal); see it grow and think of what else you can do to build your reputation. The big jobs and money will come afterwards.

Besides, the difference between the 2 jobs is about 60k if you factor in the 500k housing allowance on a monthly basis. I am also assuming the Dubai trip is a one time thing and the new offer is a consolidated package with no separate housing allowance.

All the best.

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