Ways to Identify and Avoid Scam Recruiters

Job Scammers are getting smarter by the day. They continually find ways to send email and SMS invitations of job interviews to unsuspecting job seekers and then later on ask the same jobseekers for all sorts of fees (application fees, processing fees etc) before they can offer the jobs to them. Most times these jobs are non-existent.

From our experience we discover that some rogue recruiters go from job board to job board posting fake job vacancies to which hundreds or even thousands of unsuspecting job seekers apply. At NGCareers we have instituted a system of rigorous verification of the identity of all employers and recruiters who advertise their jobs on the NGCareers platform. Job seekers should be careful about applying to all jobs they see in some of the non-organised job boards that litter the internet space in Nigeria.

To help job seekers never fall prey to fake and rogue recruiters who are out to take their money without any job offer in return here are some sound tips to detect scam recruiters;

If They Have no Verifiable Online or Offline Address: When you get invited for a job you don’t remember applying for be sure to check out the orofile of the recruiting organization and find out much as you can about them. If they have no verifiable web address and asks you to come for the entire in a place that is not their office (maybe a church or school building etc) it is a big sign that they might be fake. Still that is not a sure characteristic of fake recruiters.

When They Ask for Money: Candidates are never supposed to pay to be interviewed or given a job they are qualified to get. Once you get invited to interview by an agency or recruiter and you go after doing your diligence on them the major thing that should alert you is when they ask for any sort of fee or payment. No matter what they call the fee (processing, application, administrative fee?) it is a big sign that they are out to defraud you. Simply leave.

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Job Scams

Don’t Be Desperate for Job

Many times I have encountered job seekers mostly females who tell me they are ready to do anything to get a good job. Sometime ago even one lady I never met before kept calling and offering to meet me in person despite telling her there was no need for that. Such persons are susceptible to being duped. When you appear desperate you becloud your judgment and make yourself an easy target for job scammers.

Conduct Your Background Research

Just as we conduct rigorous checks on all agencies who submit their job vacancies to us you the job seeker should also do your due diligence on the organization behind any job offer before you apply.

Beware of Companies That Invite for Interviews in a Separate Location from Their Office or That Hide Their Address When Inviting You for Interview

Many fake recruiting agencies simply invite candidates to mass interviews in public school buildings or halls and do everything possible to hide their actual address from the candidates. When a recruiter does that it may be a sign that they are not genuine. You can confirm that they are not genuine if they finally ask you for money.

There are so many licensed recruiters around the country but still a few unscrupulous ones go about looking for people to scam. When you apply for a job through NGCareers or get invited to interviews by an employer through our CV Search you can always report any organization that demands for any form of advance fee from you during the process before they will offer you a job. When you report a job scam here we take it seriously and make sure other job seekers don’t fall prey to the same prank.

The key is to never appear desperate for a job and never offer anybody money to get a job. If you do these two you will generally be fine


  1. chris odiong says:

    Please am looking for a job in aviation, most times the one I see they will never put there address or where to sumitt your CV. Please I have read the ways to identify scam vacancy from your.i also want you help send me any vacancy from aviation. Thanks

  2. Onyi says:

    Please I got a message via SMS today saying, “Attention!! U’re invited 4 an urgent job interview by 9am with ACR NIG LTD @ No 95 Ikorodu Express Road Fadeyi Bustop Lagos on Wed 20/04/16
    HR: 08057093876
    From : NG CAREERS

  3. Amy says:

    Good morning, please I got a message via SMS yesterday saying, regards to your application, you’re invited for an assessment/ briefing on SAT (11/6/16)9am @ 16 ondo str EBUTE-META WEST, Moshalashi b/stop,Apapa RD Costa in, LAG2 sender: HR DEPT. pls I want to confirm if the interview is genuine I urgently need your respond please thanks

  4. viva says:

    Good evening Sir/ma

    I got an invitation via text from prime solution limited at nos 110 A awolowo way ikeja. I just need you to kindly confirm if they are fake or real cos the interview is slated for tomorrow 11th of June 2016 by 10am.
    Thank you

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