Why You Should remove “I’ll Take Any Job!” From Your CV

The search for a job can be exhausting to say the least. You might even get to the point where you begin to wonder if your standards are just too high. Or worse, maybe you’ve started telling people that “any job will do”—all you want is a job!
Stop. You’re not doing yourself any favors, and here’s why.

Organizations Won’t Take You On

Take for instance, you go to a company’s careers page and apply for every job you might be qualified for thinking that ‘maybe this will show them how versatile I am and how much I want to work here.’ Unfortunately, it’s more likely that you will not be called, not even for one of the many positions you applied for.

Truth is, for the most part, companies are not interested in generalists. No matter what the role, they would prefer to have is a specialist—there is an assumption that a specialist can do most everything a generalist can do, but with an added perk of being able to do one thing really, really well. They’re also looking for people who are truly passionate about what they do. Those people, after all, are the ones who are likely to do a better job, stay engaged with their work, and stick around for a while.

This is the exact reason why every career counselor and recruiter out there keeps telling you to tailor your resume and cover letter to suit the position—so you’ll look like you’re a specialist who’s passionate about and skilled in a specific area of expertise.

It’s Harder for People to Help You

While I was younger and my father asked what I wanted, I would reply ‘anything’ but my siblings were always specific, and at the end of the day, I ended up getting something I did not have much use for and sometimes, I got nothing but my siblings got what they wanted. The same is true when you say ‘any job will do’. Even if you’re not taking the drastic step of applying to every opening in a company, and you’re just sharing with your friends how exasperated you are with your job search, it’s still not a good idea to say you’ll take any job.

Here’s why: Telling your network that you’re looking is a fantastic way to generate leads for yourself, but people can only help you if they know what you’re looking for. Think about it: If you say, “I’ll take anything!” and a friend doesn’t know anyone who’s immediately hiring, conversation over. But if you say, “I’m really interested in a writing role at an entertainment company,” people can immediately think about people they know in those types of roles—and at the very least, set you up for an informational interview.

Of course, this only works if you really do know what you want in a career. Maybe you have no idea what kind of job you’re looking for. That’s fine, too. But, you probably do have at least an inkling of what you have an interest in general terms. You know what you’re good at, and what your values are. Do your homework and think about these things. You may not end up with a job title per se, but being able to say, “I’d love to do something creative where I get to interact with people every day and help build a feeling of community” is much, much better than, “I’d take any job, really.”

It’s important to realize that not only would you prefer to not just take “any job,” you’re more likely to end up with a job you like—or a job at all—if you’re more intentional about what you’re looking for.

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