How to deal with job application rejection

Recently been rejected for a job? Chances are you’re feeling deflated and your self-confidence has taken a hit. No one likes to deal with rejection, and it’s perfectly normal to feel upset. The key is to prevent your feelings from defining you, and hurting your efforts on the job hunt.  Finding a new job can be an exhausting process, so learning how to cope with rejection will play a critical role in helping you land your dream role!

Expand your focus

What are you going to do if you don’t get the job? That’s one of the most important questions to ask yourself before you even submit an application. Never treat any job like it’s the be-all and end-all. Putting all your eggs in one basket is more likely to lead to disappointment. Instead, be flexible and expand your search. By sending out as many applications as possible, you will maximize your chances of finding the perfect job for you..

Cultivate your confidence

Don’t allow anyone else to establish your worth. There are a multitude of reasons why your application may be rejected, so don’t get yourself stuck in the mindset that it’s because you’re incapable. Define your own self-worth. Recognize your strengths and what you’re capable of providing to whoever will be fortunate enough to hire you. A rejection shouldn’t dictate your opinion of yourself, and a defeatist attitude will only hurt your efforts. So make sure to cultivate your confidence!

Don’t dwell

Don’t dwell on rejection, particularly if you’re turned down more than once. Remember that there may many reasons why the employer didn’t pick you for the role, from filling the position internally to assuming your personality and the office culture aren’t the best fit.  Treat each job application as a different experience. Keep yourself out of the failure mindset and recognize each attempt as a separate effort rather than a combined dismissal.

Constantly improve your approach

If you’ve had multiple applications rejected, perhaps the problem is not you. It’s simply your application. If your current application isn’t working for you, review it and amend it to suit the particular job you are applying for. Maybe your cover letter is too generic, or there are valuable experiences you can add to enhance your employability.

Be better with following up

Your follow up could be taking you down a notch as well. Being rejected can make us feel desperate or disillusioned, and these aren’t qualities sought after in the job market. If you give a follow up call too soon, the potential employer may perceive you as anxious and unsure of yourself. Too late, and they may believe you didn’t take the job seriously. For future applications, wait approximately one business week to follow up, and speak with a neutral and calm tone.

Wear a brave face

You got rejected. So what? Dozens if not hundreds of people applied, and with the exception of one applicant, the remaining hopefuls were all rejected. You’re not the only one in that boat, and other people are going to have to continue their search just like you will. They’ll find jobs, and you will too. Being inhibited by the fear of rejection isn’t going to get you anywhere. When you’re trying to get people to take your seriously, it’s important to brave it and not show any insecurities or that you’re feeling dejected by a knock back.

Distract yourself

You don’t need to punish yourself. While on your job hunt, make sure you take time to do the things that you love. Avoiding opportunities to get out and have fun will only diminish your spirits. Give yourself plenty of rewards to look forward to so you can create a balance in your life and have stable points of positivity.

How do you cope with difficult rejections? Got any tips or hints? If you’ve learnt any valuable lessons during your job search, leave a comment below so that others can learn from your experiences!

Zoe Anderson is part of the team behind StudySelect. She’s interested in finding new motivation tools and branding strategies.

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  1. Thank you for the help Zoe, These points will not only help me to deal with the rejection but also give me confidence for the next job.

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