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Today’s post is basically for the entry level job seekers. I know how lost and out of your element you can be; you don’t have job accomplishments, you don’t have numbers to back your claims, you most likely have not executed any monumental project, so you can’t particularly brag and let the recruiter know you are the man for the job, I have been here once, so I know what it is like.

During the typical job interview, you’ll be asked a lot of questions. But do you really understand what the interviewer needs to know?

Most fresh graduates have no idea why a recruiter asks a particular question. They tend to think it’s a competition to outwit the interviewer.

The reality is that employers have neither the time nor inclination to play games with you, especially when hiring. Your interviewer is not trying to outguess you — he’s trying to assess your answers to six key questions:

Do You Have the Skills to Do the Job?

The employer wants to know whether you have the necessary hard skills for the position, e.g., the programming knowledge for a database administration job or the writing skills to be a newspaper reporter. “By really probing into what the candidate has done in the past, an interviewer can tap into hard skills.

But the interviewer is also looking for key soft skills you’ll need to succeed in the job and organization, such as the ability to work well on teams or the requisite common sense to figure things out with some basic training

Do You Fit?

Every organization’s first thought is about fit and potentially fit in a certain department.  That means the interviewer is trying to pinpoint not only whether you match up well with both the company’s and department’s activities but also whether you’ll complement the talents of your potential coworkers.

Do You Understand the Company and Its Purpose?

If the organization fits well with your career aspirations, you’ll naturally be motivated to do good work there — and stay more than a month or two. No manager would want someone to take the position because it’s a job and it fits their skills. He will want them to be excited about the mission and what they do.

How Do You Stack Up Against the Competition?

You’re being evaluated in relation to other candidates for the job. In other words, the interviewer will constantly be comparing your performance with that of the other candidates.

Do You Have the Right Mind-Set for the Job and Company?

Recruiters are always looking for someone who has a can-do type of attitude; they want someone who wants to be challenged and is internally motivated to do well.

Do You Want the Job?

Most employers know better than to believe everyone they interview actually wants the position being offered. They understand some candidates are exploring their options, while others are using an interview with a company they don’t care about to hone their interview skills.

The question is do you really need the job? If you do, you have to prove you really want the job.


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