6 Add-ons That Get the Attention of Recruiters

Let’s face it, most CV’s and cover letters are pretty boring (yours included). When a recruiter is trying to get through dozens of applications, there’s nothing like a little personality to grab attention. And no, I don’t mean crazy formatting or throwing in a snide and sharply critical comment.

Instead, I’m referring to what makes you unique among other qualified candidates. For example, while you might be of the opinion that your classes in on-line publishing aren’t relevant for that startup marketing gig, your prospective employer might think differently; the fact that you are willing to keep learning and broadening your skills could be the ticket to an interview.

Ngcareers have put together 6 top things employers and recruiters like to see on CVs and cover letters; things that exceed the norms.

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1. Project-Based Work You Helped Achieve

Employers would like to see more project-based work described on CVs, rather than the typical cliché roles and responsibilities at a company. Did you help launch a new product, website or service? Did you create a new process that cut cost? Hiring managers want to know how you’ll fit on their team, not the title of your last position.

2. What Motivates You

An employer would love to see that more potential employees list their personal “why.” What drives you to get up in the morning? What keeps you up late at night? What do they want to change in the world, and how does this align with my business?

<>3. What Book/Blog You Are Currently Reading

What people read is a good reflection of the way they think and their beliefs; it represents how they spend much of their time. This gives insight into what people are really passionate about and shows areas where they may have additional depth of understanding.

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4. Continued Learning

Degrees are a must have; the foundation. But candidates who continue pursuing knowledge after traditional schooling (whether via audited classes, online courses, or community workshops) demonstrate curiosity and drive. The probability that they will bring more than just skills to the company, including depth, independence, and creativity.

5. Your Social Relevancy

If someone who is applying for a content management job in the travel industry has a massive social following that is all travel content related, great! He or she clearly has a passion for the subject and know what people react to. If she applies and has no social profiles whatsoever, she might not be in touch with the industry the way she would need to be.

6. A Link to Your Personal Blog

Frankly, most recruiters could not care less about a candidate’s formal resume. They want to know job history, they’ll check LinkedIn. What they want to see are examples of what someone has actually done. Whether it’s contributions to a LinkedIn group, a personal blog, or pictures from an event they helped organize, they want evidence of personal drive, curiosity, and how a candidate has moved beyond having ideas on papers to actual execution.

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