CV Dos and Don’ts (1)

I know you have heard this information one too many times, but, I will say it again:“It takes a recruiter only 6 seconds to form an impression about your CV, make those seconds count!”
Use the tips below to draft your CV. Need more help? Check out Ngcareers’CV/Resume service for that captivating CV.

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Dos and Don’ts:

• Use bullet points. A CV should be a quick snapshot of your history of work and education. Keep it concise.
• Put the most important information first. You’ll want to list your work and education experience in chronological order. Make your path from student to customer care representative very clear and intentional by organizing your CV in the way you want it read. But for sections such as skills or organizations you’re active in, list the most important ones first.
• Remove older work experiences, like the summer job you held when you were 17. Unless it has to do with customer care, leave it out.
• Use white space to break up heavy areas of text to make it easier to read and more visually pleasing.
• Use easy-to-read fonts (like Calibri).
• Use numbers to back up your achievements. If you were fundraising chair, total the amount raised while you held the position. This puts your achievement into perspective.
• No hobbies. Unless you are 100 percent sure that a hobby will support your candidacy, leave it off. Hobbies may come up in an interview, but don’t waste precious page space in your CV talking about your volleyball team.
• No jargon or slang.
• Keep your CV to 2-3 pages.
• Never lie on your resume. Be sure to double-check your facts and dates.

Don’t forget to include …

• Any shadowing experience you’ve done while in school.
• Publications you’ve contributed to.
• Positions you’ve held. Also include what you did in that position (raised N10,000 as fundraising chair, etc.).
• Professional associations you belong to.
• Awards and recognition.
• Speaking and presentation experience.
• Outreach trips and volunteer work.

See also: Writing Your Cover Letter Like a Love Letter

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